Gracenote station id

is there a way to find the station id that gracenote uses for any channel? thanks.

You can use the lineup editor to just match them.

If you add custom channels, you can map any network to them.

Yes, and I’ve used that. The problem is that you have to know the id exactly for some nd it’s not intuitive.

It took me a half hour to find the id for news 12 nj in the lineup editor. Searching for news or news 12 doesn’t show up. I had to add a bunch of lineups only to find its id is N12NJ.

I figured there was an easier way.

Have you tried grabbing it from your local schedule at
Get the URL for the station logo from their listing
This station id (58812) is my The Weather Channel
But that will only affect the EPG, not the stream you get.


That’s what I’m looking for. Thanks.

I use this URL to grab the Gracenote station ids for my custom channels.


Where xxxx is the IP address of my Channels DVR

I also use the URL: http://xxxx:8089/dvr/guide/stations USA-OTAyyyyy to grab all of the broadcast station ids -- where yyyyy is my zip code.


Are you using the "Search All" feature?

Yes. And you made my point. Typing news 12 nj shows the wrong station in your pic. News 12+ is not the same as N12NJ. At least I don’t think it is.

News12 New Jersey HD
stationId "66025"

You’re also making my point. You have try different permutations in the search to get different station ids.

A search for news 12 nj returns different stations than news 12 New Jersey and so on. News 12 New Jersey returns the correct one but news 12 nj does not.

There is no rhyme or reason to this.

It's based on some kind of search scoring system.
Like fix match on imports.
I like my zap2it station logo url method myself.

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Well to answer your question there is no easier way. You can try to find on zap2it, or you can use the search all results. I also use the same techniques.

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I wouldn't mind using this if it sorted the results alphabetically.
I know what I'm searching for, it's guessing.
If it presented the multiple guesses alphabetically it wouldn't be so frustrating.