Guide stops working regularly

Fire TV Channels for HDHomeRun Prime.
If I keep the app open, I have to force stop the app about twice a day, or it stops retrieving channel information from the HDHomeRun. Force Stop or Restart are the only two ways to turn off the app. Is there some way to make the app more stable?

What if you press Settings > Manage > Scan network, does the guide data come back?

So I made at least two mistakes.

  1. I have to check this page more often.
  2. I have much to learn about how to use this program.

But no, it doesn't work. I was able to play around a bit and understand a few more details. Essentially, the way the program works, at startup, the guide gets 6 hours of the schedule. Unless you reboot or force stop, that's as far as it goes. Essentially, if turn off the TV for 6 hours, the guide will be blank until I reboot or force stop. Scan network does not refresh the guide.

So, the question I have, is this a bug or a feature? I mean, I know that my provider provides 7 days of future schedule. HDHomeRun's free app provides 24 hours, but will provide up to 14 days for DVR subscribers. Does Channels have a similar situation where the guide provides more hours/days of future schedule for people who subscribe to the live tv app or the DVR Server? Same question for the refresh of the guide. Do I need to use a different application so that the guide automatically refreshes at a regular interval? Or, on the other hand, are these features that are to coming to Channels for HDHomeRun at a later date?

The (paid) Live TV app offers 24 hours of guide data. A subscription to the DVR service gives you 14+ days of guide data. If you have a DVR subscription, then there is no difference between the live and DVR apps. (On iOS the live app is free; other app stores have it listed for $25, I believe. If you have no need of a DVR, then the live app may be the better option for you.)

No. The guide should be updating automatically; if it is not, this is a bug and you should report it as such.

This is not the expected behavior. The guide should continue to update in the background. Again, post specific details, as well as submit diagnostic logs from your client.

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Thank you.

I submitted the diagnostics log and noted that the problem was with the "Guide Data". Is that it, or is there some way to relate the logs I submitted to this thread so that the it's clear what bug to look for?

I also forgot to ask, but I'm a little confused about the different apps. I have Channels for HDHomeRun on a Fire TV 4k Max. Is that the live TV app that is supposed to get 24 hours of guide data, or is it correct that I'm getting 6 hours?

Please go to Support -> Troubleshooting -> Submit Diagnostic Logs from the web interface of the DVR and let us know when it's been submitted so we can have a better idea of what was going on.

Yes. I did that. Twice. It's not a DVR, it's a Fire TV 4k Max. I have two of them and I did it for each one.

But is that all I have to do? Is there something else I can do to help relate this bug report thread to the Logs I submitted?

How many channels on your PRIME?


Thanks. There is a bug that is loading only 6h of data instead of 24h. I have put a fix in for the next version.

Thank you. What about the bug that the guide does not update in the background?

I'm dying to test this out and report the results. I saw that version 4.3 was released yesterday. Can you put me on the beta channel so I can download the new version?

The beta program is only available to subscribers.

You'll have to wait a few days for Amazon to review and approve the 4.3 update

I just got the 4.3 update. It's still only showing 6 hours on the guide. Is there any troubleshooting I can do?

Submit diagnostics from Settings > Support

Just submitted diagnostics from the two fire TV sticks we have.

Does it say 4.3 under settings > support > about

My bad. No it doesn't. I saw it updated on the fire TV interface and made incorrect assumptions. Went back and this time it asked me to update. Now the issue is fixed and 24 hours are showing on the guide. Thank you for holding my hand.

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Sorry to keep bothering, but there is still a related issue. The guide does not refresh. When I started the app, around noon, the guide gave 24 hours information to noon the next day. Now, at 3pm, the guide is still giving information until noon the next day.

I've tried Scan Network and I just submitted diagnostics from one of the fire sticks.