Has There Been An Update Recently? Increased Crash Frequency. Plus


The Channels app on our Gen. 2 FTV has had freezing problems for some time. (I reported them, with crash diagnostics, several times.) Hit "back" once or twice and eventually it'll come up with "No tuner," then settle down to the normal main display you get when you enter the app. Used to be this would happen maybe once every week or so.

Now it's gotten really bad, as in being a daily occurrence. I'd say about ever since Monday or so.

Plus, now that I'm mentioning bugs: We have, for some time, experienced a greatly increased frequency of pauses on Live TV, on stations with solid signal and symbol values. Stations that never used to give us a problem. The WiFi connection is likewise solid as a rock. E.g.: Currently, with it in-use, speedtest reports 142.40Mb/s, 4.77ms, 2.39ms for Download, Latency and Jitter, respectively.

I'm not real pleased with Channels's performance on Live TV, lately :frowning:


Last update was 18 days ago and only included minor bug fixes unrelated to video playback. https://getchannels.com/releases/#releases-apk

Older FireOS devices have been nothing but trouble and we are considering deprecating support for them in the near future.


If you do I guess we may be leaving, then. I'm disinclined to replace $170 of streaming devices, particularly since we're already faced with having to replace another $130 worth of broken Xiaomi MiBox 3's.

Between this and SD's issues, I'm beginning to think spending nearly $1,000 on SD-based OTA TV was a very, very bad investment :frowning:

<looks...> And I just paid $80 for a one-year DVR subscription. This after having spent $80 on per-device apps.


I'm in the middle of a 300mi move. Once I get my office re-setup I plan to look at the freeze issue again. It is affecting the 4K Stick which is the priority, but I'm guessing fixing it there will fix it for the older FireOS devices as well.

SD issues are with Premium TV only, no? I didn't think you were a subscriber.


Oh, well, you can hardly be expected to get software development done with your work space in the process of being moved.

I don't know if the cause is the same, but the symptoms sure look the same.

As for the pauses: I'll test some more, but it seems to happen only with the Channels app and only on Live TV. It does not happen with recorded content and it does not happen with SD's app on Live content.

I think it happens with the Channels app with tuner sharing on or off. Happens with it on, for sure. I saw it happen once with it off, but I didn't watch for long. I'll test more tomorrow.

This, btw, was with a 2nd FTV Gen. 2 we have. So it happens with both of them. I do not know if it happens with our one remaining MiBox 3.

The HDHR tuner and the NAS hosting the DVR are on the same 5-port GigE switch.