HDHomeRun new 4K ATSC 3.0 tuner

Is there a big difference in file size for the recordings? Are they in 4k?

What area were you testing the ATSC 3.0?

I tested near KSBB. There are four test streams being broadcast in HEVC/AC4.

The video is watermarked "NPG ATSC3 Channel 17.x" on the top right:

The streams appear to all be NPG owned stations:

17.1 MyTV (Santa Barbara)
17.2 News-Press NOW (Missouri)
17.3 KIFI (Idaho)
17.4 KESQ (Palm Springs)

Broadcast specs are as follows:

17.1: 1080p 5.5mbps
17.2-17.4: 720p 4mbps

And the libhdhomerun session:

tmm1-ipadpro:~/libhdhomerun# ./hdhomerun_config set /tuner0/vchannel 17.1

tmm1-ipadpro:~/libhdhomerun# ./hdhomerun_config get /tuner0/status
ch=atsc3:491000000:0 lock=atsc3 ss=59 snq=90 seq=100 bps=0 pps=0

tmm1-ipadpro:~/libhdhomerun# ./hdhomerun_config get /tuner0/debug
tun: ch=atsc3:491000000:0 lock=atsc3:491000000 ss=59 snq=89 seq=100 dbg=26-96/936
dev: bps=20406272 resync=0 overflow=0
ts:  bps=0 te=0 crc=0
net: pps=0 err=0 stop=0

tmm1-ipadpro:~/libhdhomerun# ./hdhomerun_config get /tuner0/plpinfo
0: mod=qam256 cod=11/15 bond=0 layer=core ti=cti lls=1 lock=1 errs=0

tmm1-ipadpro:~/libhdhomerun# ./hdhomerun_config get /tuner0/streaminfo
4353: 17.1 ATCst1
4354: 17.2 ATCst2
4355: 17.3 ATCst3
4356: 17.4 ATCst4
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Do you have any 4k streams available in your region?

So, the new super duper expensive 4K version...is identical to the non 4K version?
I don't even see any indication from that picture that it is a 4K ATSC 3.0 version.
The label looks the same as one i have, the 2.0 non 4k.

You have an HDHR5-4K?

Iā€™m guessing the model number is different. :blush:

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Thank you for sharing this info. I'd be curious to see how this model performs at lower signal strengths. That's supposedly where ATSC 3.0 is superior to ATSC 1.0.

Did you expect them to design a new case that's sleek and different when it was probably cheaper to reuse the current one? Especially for something that sits behind the scenes. I wouldn't waste money designing anything new for it if I didn't have to. Just pop in the 4 atsc 3.0 tuners and call it a day.

For the price they're charging for it it better have LEDs and smart assistant capabilities or something...You're darn right I'm expecting to look different than the much cheaper standard product.

Yeah, I was a little bummed to hear the shipment got delayed again, but we are at least getting updates, now. We went 6 weeks without a peep and finally got word they would ship and then another update that they literally missed the boat. So, it might be October when I get mine. Oh well, will be something new to tinker with my setup.


A $60 premium over the current one to be an early adopter for new tech? That's outrageous? Please. If you're that desparate to be an early adopter, then you pay the price.

Connects features? It's connected to your network already. Want more features? Design an app for it that does it. The device itself doesn't need built in connected features when tis already connected to your network. Connected features are app driven at that point, not product driven. These guys could add more functionality since they're the ones accessing the tuners.

This is a dumb box that serves a single purpose. Extra functionality is brought about by the products that make use of it.

Yeah, I don't want any of that stuff. I'll gladly pay a small premium to future-proof my purchase replacing my 7 year old tuner. Not even replacing, adding to and continuing to use the old one, so if I'm going to own a product for a decade I think the saving $60 up front kinda seems silly.

The price of the HDHR 4K is pretty reasonable. ATSC3 chips are still very expensive because they are not being mass produced for new TVs yet.

Compare what you get with the HDHR 4K vs the $700 single ATSC3 tuner available here: https://redzonereceiver.tv/product/redzone-receiver-kit


Yeah, I bought SD's new 4k tuner, too. There are so few players even interested in this kind of DVR hardware/software anymore I try to support them all to keep this alive for a little while longer.

Silicondust never struck me as a company that's getting filthy rich off all this.


Yeah, hard to disagree. This is a bargain, from a company I have been using multiple products from, for years.

Update received:

Exactly... Some people just don't have a clue.

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