Help setting up dvr on Shield please

I am a new user I have set channels dvr to record nightly news. All three nights so far state "failed". The server is set up on Shield. Is there some setting on Shield I am missing? Does it turn itself off and have to somehow be kept permanently on? Any help would be welcome. I would really like to keep this service and have it work for us. Thanks

Check on the DVR web UI under Support > Logs for more details about what the failure was

I can't tell: Logs seem to indicate recording, but schedule states "failed program missed". It also seems to indicate in log that July 31 was user deleted, but schedule also says "failed".
2022/07/30 09:46:40.025711 [DVR] Rule 'ABC World News Tonight With David Muir' (1) found 1 new airings
2022/07/30 09:46:40.124418 [DVR] queued recording job for EP019494162616 @ Sun Aug 14 6:25:00PM on ch=[1104 145.1 109.1 104] (1660515900-1)
2022/07/30 09:46:40.125191 [DVR] Waiting 8h38m19.874835601s until next job 1659219900-1 ABC World News Tonight With David Muir
2022/07/31 21:06:53.957474 [SYS] Starting Channels DVR v2022.06.20.0235 (android-arm64 pid:5383) in /mnt/expand/8703253f-d0bc-4998-aaa5-abeaa5d4e393/user/0/
2022/07/31 21:06:54.157368 [SYS] Started HTTP Server
2022/07/31 21:06:54.939414 [HDR] Found 3 devices
2022/07/31 21:06:57.991078 [DVR] Recording engine started in /storage/emulated/0
2022/07/31 21:06:58.075388 [SYS] Bonjour service running for dvr-shield.local. []
2022/07/31 21:06:58.123116 [DVR] Marking expired job 1659219900-1 ABC World News Tonight With David Muir
2022/07/31 21:06:59.272815 [DVR] Marking expired job 1659306300-1 ABC World News Tonight With David Muir

Okay program missed does mean the SHIELD is going to sleep.

Do you know how I can fix this?

Try these:

Will try this. Thanks so much for the speedy help!

The only thing enabled was "ignore all active sources during one touch play." I doubt this is the problem. Do you think I would have better luck leaving the server on the shield but recording to a network drive hooked into my router, which is always on?

Your DVR server needs to stay on and it's not recommended to record to any device over a network, like a NAS or your router.
Need to figure out why your Shield went to sleep or powered down.

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I have no idea how to do that, since nothing is enabled. I really do not want to put server on computer, since I want to record while we are off on vacations. I would really like Channels to work for us as a recorder. As a layman, how is it that the dvr server is running actively on the Shield, yet the recording is not?

According to the log, yesterday at 09:46 it was waiting until 18:24 to record.
Next entry in the log shows Channels DVR starting up tonight at 21:06
Either you didn't copy all the log entries or it went to sleep or powered off between those two.
It can't record if it isn't running.

Ignore that comment about the time zone. My math problem :blush:

Those entries are saying that when Channels DVR started tonight at 9:06PM it was too late to record last nights and tonights episodes.

Couple of things to check:

  1. Settings >Device preferences>Display & sound>power control>disable cec or choose to disable sleeps
  2. Settings >Device preferences>Screen saver> put device to sleep to never.
  3. Settings >Device preferences>developer options>Enable stay awake
  4. Settings >Device preferences>System>usb mode>max performance
  5. Settings >Device preferences>System>USB port away from/ close to hdmi> always on
  6. Settings >Device preferences>System>Processor mode>max performance
  7. Settings > apps> disable the native shield tv “live channels” app
  8. What are you showing under Settings >Device preferences>About>shield android tv sw version?

I did not send all logs, since it site would not accept that many characters.

  1. Disabled sleep (when tv powers off), which is the only setting I could find.
  2. No setting for screen saver put device to sleep never. Turned off screen saver alltogether.
  3. Enabled stay awake
  4. already set to this
    t. already set to this
    6 already done
  5. I see no option to disable this in apps.
    8 9.1.0 (
    Thanks for all the help up here!
    PS If it matters, the storage drive connected to Shield is WD blue 2tb

Times are correct. Program was due to stop recording at 7:05 pm.

Settings>apps>click on see all apps>scroll down to “live channels” click on it> click on disable

Granted this is not causing your specific problem but it has buggy code in it that causes havoc so it’s best to disable it. It’s possible things have changed on how to disable apps as I don’t run latest versions

Our "live channels" app is just called "channels". The only options are version, open, force stop, uninstall, storage used, clear data, clear cache, clear defaults, notifications and permissions.

I think I may have discovered the problem, which is very wierd...I am trying to record on an atsc 3 station. All of these stations are shown in my "channels live" guide as being in the 1000 numbers, but on my dvr guide some of them are in the "100" numbers. I am recording tomorrow's show directly from the dvr guide and we will see what happens!

This is the app I’m referring to, it comes pre installed on the shield tv. It is a blue box with a white tv inside it. Obviously you wouldn’t want to disable any of the purple channels apps. Anyway it sounds like you had sleep when tv powered off through cec. Since you disabled that you should be good.

The Live Channels app has been known to cause issues with Channels. Disabling/uninstalling it is probably a good first step/mitigation.

Sorry for my stupidity....found and disabled. Can anyone answer this: When I go to my channel lineup on HDhomerun, atsc 3 ABC is listed as 109.l. When I go to my channels guide, it is listed as 1104. When I go to my channels dvr server, it is listed as 109.1. Syncing does nothing to correct this.