Help with Channels app and my Fire Cube

While I am still figuring out my options as far as Channels DVR, I decided to go ahead and pay for the Channels app for $24.99 this evening to try the basic service out first.

This evening, I installed the Channels app on my Fire Cube for my L/R TV set. I also placed this app on my separate 4k Fire Stick on my B/R TV set. The Channels app on the 4k Fire Stick is working just fine. For example, I can go to the Guide view and instantly jump into one of my channels through my HDHomeRun network. So it's all good on the 4k Fire Stick on my B/R television.

The problem is the Fire Cube on my L/R TV set. When I select a channel off the Guide view, there is a big hesitation. Some channels will eventually load while other channels will not load at all from the Guide view. .

Are there any support issues with the Fire Cube? I find it very odd that all is working well on my separate B/R TV with the 4k Fire Stick while I am having these issues with the Fire Cube hooked up to my L/R set. I've checked the settings and this new Fire TV Cube is up to date with the firmware and software. So I am at a loss about how to fix this issue.

Any help will be appreciated.

PS I should point out here that everything in my home is hard wired to the network. There really are no differences besides one of my devices being a 4k Fire Stick while the other is the Fire Cube.

I was having issues with the FireTV family while connecting over the ethernet adapters. I upgraded my wireless to TP-Link Deco's and have had absolutely no lag or connection issues since. I'm getting upwards of 400mbps on each of the FireTV's.

Have you tried using your wireless, assuming you have wireless.

Switch from using hardware to software. In player settings.

That did it! I just changed the switch from using hardware to software in player settings; and it appears to have fixed the problem. Thanks so much!

Btw - off topic. I am noticing guide information is listed for 4 hours into the future on each channel. It's not important right now, and 4 hours is fine. But is the guide information expanded much farther out (beyond 4 hours) if I decide to go with Channel "DVR" in the future?

Yes Channels DVR includes 14 days of data

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Are you using the new Cube 2 or the older one?