Heroes and Icons Guide data Issue for LA area

I noticed that the Heroes and Icons network is available OTA on two channels in the LA area, channels 13.4 and 27.2. Despite being a subchannel 27.2 is shown as HD by my HDHomeruns. 13.4 is not HD.

Unfortunately the guide data for 27.2 is null. Using the excellent documentation I found the excellent channel mapping feature and once again I'm stunned at how good this software is. So now my H&I recordings will be in HD even if the content isn't :slight_smile:

I just got done building a USB3.1 RAID for my library, once again the excellent documentation and my old friend rsync made it trivial to move my content.

Today I noticed I was recording 6 programs and my CPU was hardly bothered at all. This software is first rate. A tip of the hat to the developers.

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Can you share the excellent channel mapping feature steps thanks?

The screenshot is from Settings > Manage Lineup for an HDHomerun. Note that for the top and bottom entries the channel shown on left and right are the same.

For channel 27.2 I clicked the edit icon (pencil) and selected channel 13.4, the one with correct guide info.

I can't find the reference I saw before, but this is what you do.

Thanks, an update it did work for me on my Tablo it shows the Heroes and Icons Channel. :grinning:

You may want to check your pass for Enterprise, the screenshot you provided shows that you were recording the 13.4 feed and not the 27.2 feed.

And yes, there is quite a difference between the two feeds.

13.4 is 704 X 480 at ~1.5 Mb/s
27.2 is 1280 x 720 at ~7 Mb/s

I've gone in to the HD Homerun lineup configuration and blocked 13.4 completely.

Thanks for all the info in this thread, I've just updated to 27.2 for this H&I in my lineup. I very much appreciate how kindly you've all shared. Lots of great shows on this network, I've queued up quite a few recordings :slight_smile:

I also note, I kind of did something similar for KCAL 9, their new logo is just awfully small, so I remapped to the SD channel to hopefully retain the larger logo:

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Yes, that recording started before I changed the pass.

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I also noticed that Fox 11 isn't available since my last scan

Fox 11 working here. Adjust your antenna?


Thanks that did the trip I have Fox.

Even worse now, they just changed the SD one to match the new awful HD one :frowning:

The whole rebrand is really confusing. KCBS news is now "KCAL News on CBS Los Angeles".

KCAL News has new programming. They now have a news broadcast from 4 am to 11 am and then 8 pm to 11 pm during the weekdays.