Local KCAL9 logo changed into something tiny and illegible

The logo for this channel has been unchanged for as long as I've had Channels DVR installed.
Today I noticed a change, and it now adds "CBS Los Angeles" to the logo, which is a bit confusing, but probably has something to do with this branding change.

Unfortunately it's so small we can barely see it.

I notice that the original, preferred logo remains in the HDHomeRun app:

I went into channel remapping of the Channels DVR webUI and see the "Analog Broadcast" channel logo remains the old one. Can I just use that instead?

I'm guessing yes, at least until that one changes over too...? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You can but it will not have the HD tags and may not be the preferred source if there is more than one channel having the same content. Also if you use channel collections with "HD" it won't show.

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Hmm, thanks, that makes sense. Sucks that a choice has to be made, though.

Is it strange that the previous (preferred) logo remains in the HDHomeRun app? I was under the impression that app was served from the same source as Channels DVR, which is Zap2it. Maybe it's just delayed though...

And yes, I checked to see, the logo is changed to the tiny version on zap2it.com as well:

Even stranger, this new logo is just tiny, practically illegible on every screen we've tried. What an odd change for them to have made! :frowning:

If only there was a way to manually override problematic or missing channel logos with appropriately-sized PNGs of our own choosing... how great would that be?

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Bummer, now the SD channel's logo changed into the same tiny and illegible one. Ah well. I guess we'll just have to get used to it. It's better than no logo, I suppose. [sigh]