History Down

Anyone get a sudden issue with History today?

Yes, I'm with Spectrum.

First thing to check for troubleshooting with TVE streams: open a private/incognito browser window and attempt to play the live stream from the network's website. If the stream on the website is having issues, then you need to contact the network, as the issue is theirs, not Channels. (Make sure you check the website, not their app; they often use different streams/sources.)

The A&E network sites are having issues. I just get the spinning, buffering circle when trying to play.
A&E Live TV | A&E
History Live TV | HISTORY
Lifetime Live TV | Lifetime

You can let them know on https://support.aetv.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I am on Spectrum as well. History channel is down on the TVE website as well, so it's their issue it seems.

It works fine via the Spectrum app itself but that isn't pulling from the TVE website.

Maybe Watergate broke the web.

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I was going to post that History/Lifetime was not working for me either on Fubo TV, however when I checked the Fubo App, they weren't listed in the Fubo guide. Fubo is not listed in the providers wthen going to the live link login. After googling, it turns out that Fubo dropped A&E channels in July of 2021. I vaguely remember when the A&E channel stopped working and removed it, but History, FYI, Lifetime continued to work for almost a year up until today.

So I picked up Philo through a T-Mobile $10 off/month deal. If Philo works well enough, I can drop Fubo which has gone from $55/month to $80/month.

A&E TVE channels still not working, but the A&E channels do work in the Philo app.

Working via Frndly.

Yeah those channels are down on my Spectrum too. Fortunately I have Frndly so I get A&E, FYI, History & Lifetime from there too. I also used @tmm1 link above to let A&E Networks know too. Hopefully they (A&E Networks or Spectrum) will sort it soon for people who don't have alternative sources.

It looks Science Channel is also down, I'm unable to authenticate it.

History is listed in my guide as being allowed however, the TVE feed won't play.
I had to move over to FRNDLY.

just submitted my issue. thank you.

You should create a new topic as it appears it's on your end.
Science TVE is working https://www.sciencechannel.com/watch/science
Here are some troubleshooting tips TVE Troubleshooting tips

Received an email for A&E support, the four channels that were offline on TVE are streaming again. They are working again for me in Channels through Philo credentials

Working here also. Spectrum.

Another confirmation, working again on Spectrum. Looks like A&E Networks got it sorted out.