How Do To Multiple Servers With Multiple Accounts

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Can I use the same credit card for both accounts? Do I need to run the installer again and point it at a different directory, and does it keep all the operating directories separate, including hidden directories and imports and the likes?


In order to install multiple servers, you will need to either use Docker, or install 1 per computer. You can not simply install multiple servers on Windows or macOS.

When you do have multiple servers, everything will be separate.

Thanks. I know nothing about docker, where would I start with this in regard to the 2nd install on the same machine?

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Any help you could provide to get your software working in this scenario would be much appreciated!

You should be able to run more than one instance on a single machine by using different options for each instance:

-dir and -port

$ ./channels-dvr --help

Usage of ./channels-dvr:
-dir string
working directory for runtime data and logs
-host string
bind address for local web interface
-port int
port for local web interface (default 8089)
run safety check and exit

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None of us use windows, and our installer is not set up to make this use case turn key.

@Edwin_Perez may be able to help you setup a new windows service which runs channels-dvr.exe with those two arguments.

The default is -dir c:/programdata/channelsdvr/data -port 8089

So you would run it with something like -dir c:/programdata/channelsdvr/data-mom -port 8090

you would need this ... This is what I use to create several services of an executable.

NSSM - the Non-Sucking Service Manager

Service installation
nssm install <servicename>
nssm install <servicename> <program>
nssm install <servicename> <program> [<arguments>]


@tmm1 @eric
I could not get the Sevice above to work but I was able to create a 2nd DVR using Windows Docker desktop ,,, but I notice a Problem with the latest android release connecting via port number no longer works ,,, Android Diagnostics sent.

docker run -p 8085:8089 --detach --name=channels-dvr2 --restart unless-stopped --volume W:\DVR2Config:/channels-dvr --volume W:\DVR2:/shares/DVR fancybits/channels-dvr:tve

You know what, forget it.

I tested this on Windows Docker and you can no longer connect to the 2nd Server if it is on the same machine... So What ever platform it is not going to matter. You can connect using Web Page but Clients will no longer connect when specifying port.... but I got no response from support.

Thank you, Edwin.

CC: @tmm1 @eric
Connecting Via Port appears to have broken when they added the IP list when connecting to other Servers.

It's okay, I'm going to go a different direction with it at this point.

I appreciate all the input, though, thank you.

Ubuntu server with docker installed. Configure macvlan network and the container will function like vmware workstation with a guest in bridged networking mode. Then you dont need to worry about any port mapping.

I appreciate your suggestion but this used to work before at 1 time I was running 3 servers on my Synology and had no problem connecting via ipofserver:port ...

Wait a sec. I just verified i can connect to multiple sevrers on different ports on same docker host with android... maybe the host os is the problem for you?

Could be ... this is my docker ports . .. I got a request for Authentication code.

2024/02/15 17:58:46.443342 [HTTP] Detected docker guest gateway. Requiring authentication for:


I run most of my Dockers on UBUNTU Server ... Could be a Windows/Docker desktop problem ... tomorrow I will test adding the Docker on my UBUNTU server see how it works ... time to take a break.

That's due to this change ⚠️ Security Update in v2024.01.08.1431

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Crap you are right just read this part .... That answers why I cannot connect Clients to the Server.

What will happen?

If you are affected by the issue, you will no longer be able to freely connect to your Channels DVR Server web admin from your local network. You will be prompted to authenticate with a token.

Additionally, your Channels clients will no longer be able to connect to your Channels DVR Server.