How to get EPG info for CBSSPORTSHQ

Hi All.

I have been using M3Us to be able to move my channels around and have all channels working well except for CBSSPORTSHQ. I cannot seem to get the Guide to work for it. I can get it on 6765 but no on the re-mapped channel. Does anyone have any suggestions for me please? Thank you

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The easier way to do this is channels collections. You can put each channel in the order you want and create multiple lists for different collections

Will that allow me to actually change the channel number though?

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No the channel numbers stay the same it’s just the order that you can change.

I do want the number to change as my remote has numbers for direct channel tuning. I have it setup the way I want, just no EPG even though the channel 6765 does have a guide.

Anyone know how to get the EPG for 6765 in an M3U please? Thank you

EPG is exported as XMLTV; M3U playlists are just for the streams themselves.

Trying to use the tvc-guide-stationid="70895" option but not filling in.

This format will provide your guide data for everything except virtual channels. You will need to change the up for your specific device. You can also sub ANY for the specific source name you want. In your case I think you’d want your TVE source. You can adjust duration at the end to choose how far you want to get guide data into the future.