If a recording failed, it would be nice if ChannelsnDVR would attempt recording it again [Feature Request]

I'm using the TV Everywhere Beta and noticed that sometimes (due to stream issues) that a recording may fail.

It would be nice if in these cases, the next time the failed episode was on, Channels DVR would attempt to record it again. It would also be nice if there was some sort of notification when something failed.

I would like to see some kind of Alert in the clients when a recording fails.

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The Apple clients show a red badge on the missed recording on the Schedule page.

I'm not certain if such a feature has made it to Android yet.

Yes, but you only notice it if you go in to a recording you are looking for. Would be nice if it was more in your face so that you can mitigate the issue.

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I have to constantly go into recordings to look for Interrupted or failed recordings. I am trying to capture full shows that are in syndication... but do not want any interrupted. So an alert would be great or a automatic reschedule of Interrupted shows ... if the pass says to re-record deleted.


I think a "re-record failed recordings" would be better as not everyone may be looking to capture full seasons/shows.

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Agree with the idea here, this feature request is related. Add ability to delete and re-record

To expand on this, currently you get the red badge when you go to watch something that says the recording was interrupted. You have no idea if the recording is missing 5 seconds, 5 minutes, or 50 minutes. The only option you have to try and fix it is to delete the recording and it will eventually re-record it. I would like a setting on the server to automatically replace interrupted recordings. This way you get to keep the one you have which has an unknown defect, and eventually Channels will replace it with an uninterrupted version. But in the mean time, you have the one you have.

I posted elsewhere....what does "Interrupted" mean.
That the only indicate i see berried in the sever ui that a recording has an issue.
when my Xinfity TVE crapped out, I had recordings set, one partily recorded, the rest failed entirely.
But also see the tag marked other times, and watch the entire recording through, no issues.
Channels realy does need a better and more informative making and informing the user just what and when specificity make a recording bad.