Mark recording for re-record

Had a couple episodes of a Series Pass record, but turned out the guide data was wrong and it didn't actually record the Series Episodes (it was other programming).
In order to re-record them, I have to either find a future airing in the guide and mark it as not recorded, or change my Series pass to re-record deleted.
I can't do either.
They are not in the guide (no future airings) to mark as not recorded.
I don't want to change my Series pass to re-record deleted, since I cut adverts out, move them to my archives and then delete the recording.

Can we get something on the recordings dropdown to either mark as not recorded or re-record?
Screenshot_2020-09-30 Channels DVR

I agree with you but for now ... Cant you create a pass with the Title and episode title ? To rerecord deleted.

No, it thinks it already recorded the episodes and wont re-record them.
Ahh, I see what you meant.
I set up a couple advanced passes to record the seriesID and Episode Titles I missed and marked them to Re-record deleted episodes. Will see if it works if the episodes ever re-air.

I don't think that's going to work.
I think you have to first setup a pass with re-record deleted before you delete the recording.
Reason I think so is that the episodes are still listed in http://x:8089/dvr/programs as being recorded.

@tmm1 can you confirm?

Figured out how to Mark as not recorded using curl and the tms ProgramID EP000007460370.
curl -XDELETE "http://x:8089/dvr/programs/EP000007460370"

Would still be nice to have this functionality on the gear drop down next to the recording.

Devs - Please consider the votes on these other threads along with this thread as well.

I would love to be able to override any recording rule just by manually selecting a show from the guide and selecting “record”.

I often do that, and it shows that it is set to record, but then is overridden and doesn’t record. No notice or anything.

That's a different request than what this thread's about.

I recall seeing similar requests as yours.
You may want to create a new request or look for one similar using the forum search tool.
As far as not working, you should create a new thread specifying how you're doing it and from what device and where it shows it will record and why you think it's overridden as a possible bug report.