Add ability to delete and re-record

Recordings don't always record properly. In the past few years using channels, I have had several problems occur that cause my recording to be incomplete:

  • Bad or interrupted transmission (weather, power outage, who knows)
  • Sporting event goes long, causes show to recorded sports program instead of show
  • Breaking news interrupts scheduled recording
  • Internet connectivity issue (when recording from TVE)

What I want to do is force the DVR to re-record the episode when it airs again so that I get a complete recording. Currently I delete the recording, but it never ends up getting recorded again, no matter what my pass settings are.

I'm would like an option (in ATV) called something like "Delete and re-record" or "Delete bad recording" that purges the recording and updates the pass to allow for a new recording.

Also it would probably be nice to have some way to see/edit the list of recordings that have been deleted (maybe this is stored per pass?), so that old bad recordings that have been deleted can be scheduled for re-recording.

On the web UI, the PASS advanced edit provides a check box for re-record deleted episodes. If I have a corrupted recording, weather in my area frequently causes this for a distant PBS station, I delete the corrupted recording. I always edit each pass for re-record. The re-record feature works well.


I was unaware of this feature. Thank you.

I didn't know this existed. I think this needs to be promoted to the ATV interface so normal users can trigger re-recording. This is a fairly common need based on my experience.