Add ability to delete and re-record

Recordings don't always record properly. In the past few years using Channels DVR, I have had several problems occur that cause my recording to be incomplete:

  • Bad or interrupted transmission (weather, power outage, who knows)
  • Sporting event goes long, causes DVR to record sports program instead of show
  • Breaking news interrupts scheduled recording
  • Internet connectivity issue (when recording from TVE)
  • Buggy daylight savings time adjustment implementation on NAS caused recordings to get wrong shows
  • DVR is out of space and causes "recording was interrupted" incomplete recordings

What I want to do is force the DVR to re-record the episode when it airs again so that I get a complete recording. Currently I delete the recording, but it never ends up getting recorded again, no matter what my pass settings are.

I would like an option (in ATV) called something like "Delete and re-record" or "Delete bad recording" that purges the recording and updates the pass to allow for a new recording.

Also it would probably be nice to have some way to see/edit the list of recordings that have been deleted (maybe this is stored per pass?), so that old bad recordings that have been deleted can be scheduled for re-recording.

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On the web UI, the PASS advanced edit provides a check box for re-record deleted episodes. If I have a corrupted recording, weather in my area frequently causes this for a distant PBS station, I delete the corrupted recording. I always edit each pass for re-record. The re-record feature works well.


I was unaware of this feature. Thank you.

I didn't know this existed. I think this needs to be promoted to the ATV interface so normal users can trigger re-recording. This is a fairly common need based on my experience.

Ok so I just got a corrupted recording and tried out the advanced pass "re-record deleted episodes" option. Unfortunately this option doesn't give me what I need. I have deleted many seasons of episodes and only need a single one to be re-recorded due to corruption. If I enable this feature it will re-record everything, not the single episode I need and I'll be manually deleting episodes every day.

Eventually once this feature is implemented, maybe channels could use its knowledge of the recording, interruption, signal strength,etc, to auto-queue recordings for re-record using the same backend logic.

There is another way. Locate the episode in the Guide that you wish to re-record. It should show Recorded. Click on the Show in the Guide. Click the box "Mark as not recorded." Then click again on the Show episode in the Guide and click record with any options you need.

Thanks for the information. The only problem is for this specific show it is on over the air and there are no new matching episodes airing in the next couple weeks that the guide shows information for. So that means I would have to remember I need this episode and check back regularly, which is very inconvenient. Basically what we need is the same option but on the recorded episode so the DVR can look for upcoming episodes automatically and re-record if it ever re-airs.

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Until this is implemented. I created an advanced pass in the web UI to record the show, season and episode number. So, if that specific episode is rerun it will re-record. But it would be cool for just a button or menu item to do this.


Came here to make this same Feature Request today. Discovered a recording that didn't actually contain the show it was supposed to. All I want is an option that states Delete and Re-record on this menu.



Good Idea.

How about adding the opiton "re-record deleted episodes" to the global options also.

This. :arrow_heading_up:
That's where I think it would be most useful.
Since there's already a Delete there, just adding a Mark as Not Recorded would be nice.
I currently have to run a curl command to accomplish it.


Where is this "delete and re-record" option in the pass?

I don't seem to have that option when I edit a "season pass". Maybe I am looking in the wrong spot or it was removed?

It's on the DVR web UI

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Be aware that setting this in your pass will not rerecord any previously deleted episodes.
It only works for any future episodes recorded from the pass after you make the change.
Also, if an episode you delete re-airs later that day it won't get recorded. The DVR doesn't try to rerecord until after the next days guide download (usually 9-11am local time) unless that has changed recently.

Well that kind a sucks did not know it worked that way. Any shows I want to keep I always set to record deleted in advance pass.

My workaround for that is to empty the Trash, then pause and resume the pass if I want it to record the episode I just deleted later that day.

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Any chance that this feature request could get implemented? I saw this thread pop up and I have recently again run into issues that cause this problem and there’s really no easy solution to this.

Is this really on the web ui or do you have to still go to advanced pass and say record deleted even if you only want one deleted episode because the recording was preempted/unplayable ?


Looks to me like it’s not implemented yet.