Intermittent quick pause

Hdhomerun prime on Verizon FiOS. Channels DVR installed on Synology ds1618+. Client is firestick 4k.

Every now and again (more than 2 or 3 times per show), the progress bar pops up, the video feed (live TV) pauses for a split second then resumes.

I don't seem to have any similar issues when using Hulu or prime video. I will send diagnostics and post back.


Diagnostics uploaded.

I submitted a second diagnostic report just now.

Thanks for the diagnostics.

I think this may be happening due to how surround sound is sent out. Can you try disabling Surround Sound temporarily to see if that makes the problem go away?

Sorry for my ignorance, should I disabled that if the device level or in the channels app itself?

In the channels app on the Player tab.

Ok will find it a shot. Thanks.

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I have surround disabled. Got another blip. Just submitted diagnostics.

I have seen the same thing since I moved to the firesticks a couple months ago. Works fine on the Shield. But the Shield is hardwired. Could it be a short buffering thing?

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actually, after seeing your response, it just
Submitted diagnostics.

Happend for me as well today on Firestick 4k v2

That’s why I hard wire my fire sticks. I used WiFi but found these blips and part of the reason was other WiFi devices using the Wireless bandwidth.

I am having the same issue on a hard wired connection

My experience with this, when it happens the first time, hit the back button once. My Fire TVs all do this. Hitting the back button once stops the freezing/buffering while viewing the current channel. I have surround turned on, Hardware Decoder, seek back 10 seconds. This trick has worked for me everytime. I programmed my remote with a macro to automaticaly hit the back button after about 30 seconds.

And again, the same problem happens on Android TV. Went done you just fix this already? HdHomerun doesn't have the same issue so you can't blame the TV.

The video player used in the apps is completely different. Therefore, they may be using entirely different approaches to similar tasks. While on the surface it looks the same, it's really apples and oranges.

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My point is they can't blame the TV which has been done before.

I added wired Ethernet to my fire sticks and this cleared up. It’s probably your WiFi.

It's not my WiFi. I use an adapter also and it happened WiFi or Ethernet.

What are you using for a server?