Intermittent video stuttering

I'm not 100% convinced if it is tvOS 14.2 or Channels (non-DVR) with my HDHomeRun Dual.

I have seen recently intermittent video stuttering show up while watching TV. It shows up for a few seconds and then goes away for a few other seconds.

When I look at the built-in stats (thank you for that!), I see that there are dropped frames on the output portion of the process, which leads me to think its not network related

All my devices are wired in over Ethernet, in segregated VLAN. It wasn't a situation that occurred a couple of weeks ago with the same network configuration, and it works fine on the macOS HDHomeRun application.

I've submitted diagnostics to help the Dev team, and here's a video capture of what I see:

If anyone got any ideas, I'm willing to try them out, because it is getting somewhat annoying.

I’m getting the same right now. Never had an issue since I had channels but get a short stutter ever say 15 minutes, it’s very strange.

Restarted Apple TV, server, and hdhomerun. Still happens every so often no matter what.

All on lan also


It's definitely tvOS 14 as it happens to all 3 of my Apple TV's. In order to fix it you have to perform the following steps.

Disconnect wired Ethernet.
Connect via WiFi.
Connect via Ethernet

It should then be stutter free... but this is temporary as a few days or weeks later it starts to happen again.


Same issue with me as well. I'm running the Pi4 version of Channels through my ATV4K and am seeing the stuttering. This is not prevalent when I use my Chrome Cast for Google TV. I decided to run the beta of TVOS 14.4 and there was no change. Will try @sumolx temporary fix as the stuttering issue drive me crazy.

Are people still experiencing this stuttering issue with iOS 14?

I've been experiencing a very similar stutting issue for several weeks now and am trying to work out if this is the same problem.

I have been having a similar issue. Do you show any dropped frames under options - show stats?

I am seeing stuttering as well, and I’m seeing dropped (output) frames on the stats. I’ve restarted the HDHomeRun, the Apple TV, the Channels docker container…


(and I tried the net/reboot dance suggested by @sumolx but didn’t see any improvement.

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Which video driver are you using? I was seeing some frame drops using the experimental driver but after changing to default they stopped. Worth a try.

I see it with both....

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Please try TestFlight beta build v6.17.7

It should improve the stutter issues on the Experimental video driver.


How do I install TestFlight version?

It's only available for subscribers, via

Ok but I have a bug. Periodic judder and skip audio. What do I do?

Nevermind. I deleted and reinstall and it’s ok now

Curious to know why this isn’t part of the standard build? This stuttering has made Channles difficult to watch and frankly it has become a secondary option.

We released v4.5.7 on June 24

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Thanks. While updated stuttering still occurs. In my situation this problem is specific to the new ATV device. Already applied sdr/match frame rate settings.

I posted in another thread that I too have seen this issue come back. Any selected channel looks fine at first, but after a few minutes it takes on the 24fps stutter/judder look. If I change channels it goes away, but eventually it comes back. Seems to get triggered by camera cuts or going in or out of commercial breaks. It was perfect until the latest beta came out and/or Apple updated the firmware on the Apple TV. Unfortunately both updates occurred at the same time the other day so I cant isolate the issue to one or the other. I am running Experimental Deinterlace, Driver, and Audio Driver on my system.

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I just noticed this playing some 480i content. I am on the latest tvos with experimental deinterlacer and experimental video driver. Starts off fine and then looks like it is 24fps, smooths out for a while, then back to the 24fps stutter. @tmm1 do you want some logs?