Intermittent video stuttering

I'm not 100% convinced if it is tvOS 14.2 or Channels (non-DVR) with my HDHomeRun Dual.

I have seen recently intermittent video stuttering show up while watching TV. It shows up for a few seconds and then goes away for a few other seconds.

When I look at the built-in stats (thank you for that!), I see that there are dropped frames on the output portion of the process, which leads me to think its not network related

All my devices are wired in over Ethernet, in segregated VLAN. It wasn't a situation that occurred a couple of weeks ago with the same network configuration, and it works fine on the macOS HDHomeRun application.

I've submitted diagnostics to help the Dev team, and here's a video capture of what I see:

If anyone got any ideas, I'm willing to try them out, because it is getting somewhat annoying.

I’m getting the same right now. Never had an issue since I had channels but get a short stutter ever say 15 minutes, it’s very strange.

Restarted Apple TV, server, and hdhomerun. Still happens every so often no matter what.

All on lan also