Invisible Recordings


When I look at the DVR program through my browser I show 42 recordings some watched some not. But when I’m looking on Fire I only see about 6 unwatched. I have tried searching for they watched shows and looking all over this thing but I can’t seem to find them. What am I missing?


Can you post screenshots?


I could but I don’t think it would do any good now. I found a workaround. I go into the DVR web app and start to re-watch a show. As soon as I do that, it shows up on Fire. So, I went through and did all the shows that I hadn’t seen But it been watched by other members in the house.

I will try to get it to do it again. Basically, anytime anything has been completely watched but not deleted it disappears from Fire but it still visible on the web app.

Running 2.0.11


On the FireTV there are two main sections: Up Next and Recently Recorded

Up Next shows the next unwatched episode for each show.

Recent lists your shows with the most recently recorded first. You can click the last blank tile in this section to see all your shows, either listed by recency or name.


Thanks. As I said I’m showing all 40 + TV shows right now. Once I’ve worked my way through that, I will verify that there is no issue.