Issue with dropped frames on ATV beta 11.18.2127

@tmm1 I Turned on some imported 24fps content this morning and I was getting dropped frames on the latest testflight beta. I confirmed by showing stats and watched the output dropped frames tick up every time I saw a stutter on the screen.

I rolled back to an earlier beta (11.12.354) and the problem went away.

I submitted diagnostics while it was happening on 11.18.2127

Tried the same show on another atv with the latest testflight. The problem was still there but turning off experimental audio fixed the issue. So I think there is an issue with the experimental audio drivers still

How about experimental audio with default video

That appears to work OK. It looks like experimental audio and video drivers used together causes the issue.

I can upload the video to you if u want

Sure. I'll be working on exp video issues next.

If you pause/resume or seek does the stuttering stop?

So I played the show and in a few seconds I dropped like 30 frames total. It looked really bad. Then I skipped ahead 30 seconds and have only dropped 1 frame in about 3 min so far.

I'll send you a link to the video soon. Just submitted diagnostics a few seconds ago

Now I just played a show and it was working perfect. I paused the show and resumed, worked fine.
Skipped back a 30 seconds and now it is dropping frames consistently.

Gotcha. That's what I needed to know, and matches what I've seen as well. I am investigating.

I don't need the sample because it happens on almost any video. Its some sort of timing alignment issue, where our output is not matching up with the display refresh timing.

Sounds good. Also skipping back can make the frame drops stop once they start. I'm sure you know that but I thought I would mention anyway

Thanks. Is there any difference with v11.19.1856

Just tried. I thought it was OK but I paused the show and then resumed. When I pressed play, the frame drops started again. Right now after about 5 minutes it back up to abiut 200 drops.

Uploading v2021.11.20.0019 now which should improve frame drop issue

Was just going to tell you in the audio thread that 19.2046 is dropping grams like crazy. Diagnosis submitted anyway. Thanks.

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It's up:

So far so good!

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Frame drops + audio drops on ATSC3. Diags sent.

Oh yeah. I just tuned an atsc 3 channel and it took about 20 sec to load and then it was really messed up. I submitted diagnostics

Also I ran stats when I was watching fox news on tve. The dropped frames kept ticking up. After a couple minutes I had about 40.