Jump back freeze

So this used to happen but was very infrequent until the new version came out.

This is the first clean one.
Steps prior to freeze. Turn on TV. Select Channel 15 and start to watch. Within a minute or two, then video stops. Hit up arrow and saw that program had jumped back. Used FF to catch back to live. Submit diagnostics.
For reference, if you don’t interact with the time quickly, it will just crash.


2020/09/07 06:27:58.432913 [SNR] Statistics for ch15.1 KADNTV1: ss=64%,62%-67% snq=77%,71%-82% seq=99%,0%-100% bps=7863378,0-9873760 pps=745,0-938
2020/09/07 06:27:58.433093 [TNR] Closed connection to 10772C25/0 for ch15.1 KADNTV1
2020/09/07 06:28:20.176498 [TRS] DNS: OK: Resolved host via system DNS
2020/09/07 06:28:20.583239 [TRS] Cloud Reachable: OK: Connected to community.getchannels.com
2020/09/07 06:28:20.677852 [TRS] Local Time: WARNING: Local clock is off by more than 10 seconds
2020/09/07 06:28:21.023748 [TRS] Remote Access: OK: Successfully established external connection
2020/09/07 06:28:21.040526 [TRS] Disk Permissions: OK
2020/09/07 06:28:32.522215 New diagnostic log submitted under 0b049f43-8195-4c11-a687-2d21d6565985
2020/09/07 06:28:39.179972 [TNR] Opened connection to 10772C25/0 for ch15.1 KADNTV1 [transcode=none]

The signal strength and quality here seems to be pretty low. I would recommend trying to watch with the HDHR app at the same time. Do you see any glitching or any issues at all on the HDHR app when channels freezes?