Keeps Crashing

Something is really wrong with the channels app, it keeps crashing, something is causing the cache to build to over 500mb, I clear the cache, then the app is really sluggish on load until it crashes again.

Can you submit crash diagnostics after it happens?

I haven't noticed crashing, but the On Now page is painfully sluggish. (3.1.1 on CCGTV)

Just submitted crash data

I wonder if this is something to do with the channel icons that have reappeared, maybe we are getting guide photos at too high quality.

Could be, but my missing channel logos have yet to make a re-appearance. (Only a few are missing, unlike the big disappearance the UK users reported.)

I refreshed my guide on the server after someone said they where back, then this started to happen.

I’ve got past the crashing, but the on now section and the guide is sluggish, some channel logos and graphics are missing.

Update: I’ve not got past the crashing, if I scroll too far down the guide it crashes.

Is it any better now?

You may need to delete the Images/tmsimg folder on your DVR


No, my server crashed, Ive just thought about the images folder, I'm currently copying the entire folder to my desktop, then was going to delete it, ill try the tmsimg folder, and let you know, its all going ridiculously slow.

What do you mean the server crashed?

You can also just rename tmsimg to tmsimg-old

i couldnt acces the dvr folder through samba, i could only go as far as \Dvr-server\media\

also reboots seem to be very hit and miss, some times have to plug in the raspberry pi, wait a few minuets, see it doesn't load and try again.

also, reboots seem to work better when I plug the pi in to a screen for some reason

app is working fine now, thank you

This fixed the sluggishness of the On Now page for me; thanks.

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