Keyboard letters thank you

I see what the latest update you added to P as a picture and picture shortcut on the Apple TV
Thank you
Please associate more features to keyboard letters if you can.
After figuring out how to pair the harmony hub as a fake Bluetooth keyboard with the remote all these letter commands work perfect

In another thread from earlier when you introduce shortcuts for DVR live TV and such that’s been a great feature ever since

What other kind of functions were you looking for?

A letter for starting a recording
It would be nice to hover over an item in the guide and hit that letter to start recording.

And the same letter for from watching a live TV show so if i hit it and starts recording that show, no need to bring down to drop down menu.

You can use the record button of a windows pc in your harmony activity to record.

This works while watching live tv but not in the guide.

what about G for Guide
the RDYG is only 4 colors and keys
not enough f1-4 to decide so maybe some can be duplicated to letters like G for Guide

also this a a section for the keys supported

i created this HOW TO maybe it can get pinned somewhere to help other users

how about a letter for previous channel

Backspace on the keyboard is already mapped to this.

can we get a pinned page somewhere with all the keys listed
if there is one sorry i have not been able to find it.

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does this get updated
i noticed P for picture in picture is missing

Thanks I will add to that page.

since there are only 4 f keys and 12 menu options we can pick from
can those 12 menu options get letters too so we are not forced to choose only 4 favorites to the f keys

The Harmony Elite supports the full complement of f1 - f12 for Shield TV devices. I've wished that Channels would allow more, if not all, of those function keys to be assigned.

There could also be some expansion of the commands that can be assigned. Toggle captions comes to mind.

This is awesome, thanks for sharing all the details! I'm using many of these commands now on my Harmony Companion and feeling >this close< to remote control nirvana. I haven't figured out how to incorporate these two commands though:

[ = Skip to previous commercial marker
] = Skip to next commercial marker

...because the "[" and "]" keys don't appear as available commands, in the list of keys available to me from the "Harmony hub as a fake Bluetooth keyboard." Are there alternatives?

Previous/Next Track

Thank you for the reply. Perhaps this is a clue that I've ventured down an incorrect road, but I don't see these keys available either. I also don't see the aforementioned "Backspace" (for use as "previous channel.")

At least the "Live TV" (Red button / F2 key) command allows me to jump back and forth between the current and previous channel, so I can use that.

My list is long though, here are some screenshots:

I've been able to use many of these commands, assigned on my Companion to control Channels, just not the above three. (I tried "Back" instead of "Backspace" but that didn't work.)

Is there another way I should have added this “Bluetooth Keyboard,” in order to be able to access those other missing keys?