Level News subscription streaming TV service

There's a new service that supposedly works with the same technology that Frndly uses, if anyone is interested: https://levelnews.com/ 10 news channels but not the big ones. Has C-Span, NewsNation.

Level News has my new favorite news station, NewsNation, so I've tried the trial and think think this will be a good add-on for me to use along with Philo.l to satisfy my need for news.

If there is any way to make this work with Channels it would make it even better!

Paging @miibeez, perhaps would be able to make a Docker similar to the one he made for LocalBTV?

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We need to create a central point to reward folks that create dockers for the community.

i make for you

Millie / vlc-bridge-levelnews · GitLab

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Thank you so much. This is terrific. The only thing better would be if it had EPG :slightly_smiling_face:

epg find it schedules direct

You can attach EPG to Custom Channels under Manage Lineup, by selecting "Search All Lineups" and then searching for the station.


Thanks! This is huge for me.

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Unfortunately, still isn't working:

EDIT: Went back in and refreshed it and now it's working!

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Thanks for this, but I'm having an issue getting the docker file to run. I put in my email address and password and the docker file runs for a second and then stops, giving me this: LEVELNEWS_USER and LEVELNEWS_PASS need set. They were set in the command line though and my other containers run fine. Any ideas?

People report similar problems with docker when their user/pass has special characters like ! or '

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The same happened to me and I found that it works when you remove the single quotes around each:


$ docker run -d -e '[email protected]' -e 'LEVELNEWS_PASS=secret' -p 7777:7777 --name vlc-bridge-levelnews registry.gitlab.com/miibeez/vlc-bridge-levelnews


$ docker run -d -e [email protected] -e LEVELNEWS_PASS=secret -p 7777:7777 --name vlc-bridge-levelnews registry.gitlab.com/miibeez/vlc-bridge-levelnews

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Hi there,
I had the same issue when trying to use the MLB app.
I made the necessary change and all is now working as expected.

I used the solution posted by RockandRoller70 and it loaded fine. There's no special characters in my password. Thanks again everyone!

I noticed that on rebooting Docker that the Docker image doesn't auto-load LevelNews so I changed that for my Docker. Also, after a certain length of time, when accessing a channel from Level News, on the DVR I get a "connection lost" screen, which I'm guessing is because Level News has logged me out after a certain amount of time. In Task Scheduler I'm now running a bat file every 4 hours or so using: docker restart vlc-bridge-levelnews. So far, that seems to keep me connected. Does anybody else get the "connection lost" ? If so, are there different solutions?

I get the connection lost too, I just try a 2nd time and it works. No idea on another solution.

I noticed the rebooting issue too and briefly explored auto-loading, where does this get configured in Docker?

Edit: NM on the auto-load, I figured out it needed the restart parameter when run in docker.

Maybe @miibeez can fix the log out issue.

new docker make fix

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I have docker up and running, added the custom channel source and am seeing the 10 channels including Level News. Trying to watch a channel I get an error in Channels log "M3U: Login failure: Email is not registered. (-1)". The only thing in the docker log shows a single line "http server started on [::]:7777". I am assuming that I use my email and password for YouTubeTV since that is where I get my TVE from. What am I doing wrong?