LibreSpeed - your own speed test server

If you ever wanted to run your own speed test server:

Could be a quick way to test from different area in my home. Maybe I will try the Docker build:

Docker Hub!

Easy setup.

Iperf3 is another good resource to throw on your server for local speed testing too.

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Docker is an obvious overkill here. Just download the binary and run it :wink:

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I don’t follow. I tend to go with Docker for any platform I want to install for the following reasons:

  • Easy Deploy
  • Easy Delete
  • Easy to turn off when I don't need it
  • Easy backup
  • Easy disaster recovery
  • No need to clutter up my server with dependencies I otherwise don't need

I could probably do all this in command line if I were a Linux wiz, but since I'm not, I don't see a down side, much less overkill.

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People think docker is overkill or heavy. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

If anything, and that’s the case for this binary, it’s a drop dead simple way to keep services running and have them start on boot.

So for something like this, that’s great.

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Don’t follow again. I’m guessing you’re trying to say I’m wrong on that point. I might be, but don’t think so. From what I understand, any needed dependencies are installed in the container. So there is no need to pollute my server with them. Probably a minor concern but I like keeping things clean.

I am surprised nobody mentioned the URL - /speadtest - on the Channels DVR server

Seriously? Yep there it is. You’d think @maddox would have mentioned it. I’m off to delete my shiny new container.

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That’s what’s used in the android app to check speeds back to the server.

So it looks like the code was incorporated from librespeed. Any way to enable upload test? A secret parameter?

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This is pretty nice.

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10Gbps? Finally somebody with network good enough to use Channels :wink:


Though my main desktop, NAS desktop, and laptop all are on 10gig NICs, Channels runs off a Rpi4 with a ssd just fine with no performance issues to speak of and is only 1gig NIC.

The client devices, an Apple TV 4K and my other Channels DVR Pi4 for other users, with its clients being 2 Nvidia Shields, also all 1gig connections. No issues.

In the past, I have had a TiVo Stream 4K running off wifi, and it was slow, but worked fine.

(That speedtest i ran on my NAS desktop connecting to it via my laptop.)
Edit: here is same speedtest with laptop on my wifi6 network (AP is a Unifi U6-LR) to the wired 10gig desktop.

I am also on Ubiquity Unifi (not wired yet) On an AP with a wireless uplink(no ethernet backhaul(!))

There is also

This is my go-to quick test docker container on Unraid. I prefer iperf3 if I'm being picky but just moved into a rental house temporarily and had to run Cat5e (had a 1000 ft. roll) because I'm anal so it's a quick reference. Also all Ubiquity (UDM-Pro, XG-6PoE, USW-24PoE, multiple flex mini's and U6-Pros).

I use :8089/speedtest every now and then from each AppleTV client.

How are you running this test on the Apple TV? It has no web browser.