Local Content Closed Caption

Has anyone had any success with closed caption working for local content movies? If not, will this be something implemented in the future?

Are you asking for embedded subtitle support, or actual closed captions?

Closed captions are actually embedded in the video stream, and are different from embedded SRT, VOB SUB/IDX, SSA/ASS, DVBSUB, etc.

Ok. Then maybe subtitle support.

Please post the View Details screenshot for the movie that's not showing subtitles

None of my local content movies show subtitles. What do you mean by “video details” screenshot?

On the DVR web UI, it looks like this:

Can you run mediainfo on that movie and post the output? Do you know what kind of subtitles it uses? The DVR is only seeing one video and one audio track.

Not sure what you’re asking? “Run media info”?



Looks like there are no subtitles in your movie.

Ok. Would something like this be possible with Channels? I’m able to search for sub titles for films even when it is not embedded in the file.

Embedded subtitles shouldn't be a problem. But sideloaded subtitle files (such as what Plex is offering) most likely wouldn't be. You'd need to remux the video files to incorporate you subtitles.

Can you clarify? “Side loaded subtitles would or wouldn’t be possible”?

IIRC sideloaded I think refers to a separate file next to your video, i.e. not imbedded in the video file itself.
See https://support.plex.tv/articles/200471133-adding-local-subtitles-to-your-media/

External Subtitle Files

There are many internet websites that offer subtitle files. These are “external” subtitle files (i.e. separate from the video file) and are sometimes called “sidecar” subtitle files since they sit next to the regular video.

I understand this. I guess what I am wondering is if it would be possible for the developers to add a subtitle feature in the same way Plex does? A function that searches For subtitles when they are not already embedded in the file.

I too have noticed that subtitles don’t work for my imported media either. I just assumed it hadn’t been implemented yet. When I play the same files with VLC the subtitles work fine. Here are the details from one of the files I have the issue with.

I had the problem on the an Apple TV 4K. Just tried the same file on iOS and same issue. I turn the CC on, but they just don’t appear.

Exactly. And when I use infuse app I have the ability to search for sub titles as well. I wonder if they will implement this feature soon.

Could you post the mediainfo for that one?