Local Content - TV matching source?

Gracenote has that show listed under three shows with the same Title, see Episode Guide tabs for episodes
Bluey (2019) SH032986510000
Bluey (2020) SH030600840000
Bluey (2021) SH032915210000

There’s no plans to add anything else for tv shows since other sources don’t use our 4:3 aspect ratio for tv show art.

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:expressionless: Not even after you add 'the clock' ?


Thanks. Seems to all be 2 seasons (or less). Bluey airs first in Australia so I’ll just have to live without descriptions for awhile I’m guessing.

Just curious if this an issue because it's "baked in" like the DVR port "8089" is.

I know you started out with Live TV on the ATV before you created the DVR, so really don't understand why a 4:3 Poster image of a show is more important than an Episode Title and description.

For young kids I understand pictures convey more meaning than words and I agree a proper picture is worth a thousand words.

I haven't tried it yet, but since you dumped Plex like I did, might be worth checking out.

Not sure how much this differs from Channels' own support of a similar feature:

I'm pretty sure you have to be able to import it into Channels DVR first before that works?
Besides, the OP mentions that in his post.

I'm not blaming the devs for anything.
In fact I love Channels DVR enough that I'm still a Monthly subscriber after 3.5 years.
I work around issues if I want something bad enough out of it that it doesn't do.

I think Plex has moved away from TVDB. If you set TVDB as the main agent now, you get a notification that you need to "uprade" your library.

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Plex uses their own library.


They use TMDB now for both movies and tv, mostly.

TMDB is one of their agents but the default is Plex TV Series.

Are you saying they have started their own database from scratch?

All I know is Plex TV Series is the default .... but it appears they also use TMDB.

It is just in name only and Plex (mostly) uses TMDB.

I had to add some of my shows to TMDB that were on TVDB but no longer worked when I got the notification to "upgrade" library.

Would it be possible to use TheMovieDB, since already implemented for movies, for tv show matches as an option, or does that mess up the aspect ratio?

The reason - I have some old episodes of Digimon Fusion. Wikipedia says it's 3 seasons. TheMovieDB says it's 3 seasons. TheTVDB says it's 3 seasons. Gracenote says it's....7. So it's a mess. I realize I'm ad edge case, but I'm guessing some of this older DVD media might run into the same problem.

I'm with you, especially with non-USA origin content. Gracenote did some updates recently and a bunch of stuff I've had problems with forever got updates (or were added for the first time), but still plenty of issues. Metadata is my nemesis.

TMDB matching now available: BETA: TMDB metadata for TV episodes