LocalBTV support would be nice now that Locast is gone

Thank you! I don't see any m3u files in this directory. What file name or file type should i be looking for?

Hm maybe I'm confused and was thinking of xmltv files

Can someone post a download link for the m3u file? I searched my Shield but could not find the file.

make docker for rpaulmerrel

docker run -d -p 7777:7777 registry.gitlab.com/miibeez/vlc-bridge-btv

just an FYI, the docker log in page will direct you to activate as if you were activating a tv.
after activation, refreshes the playlist page to get the elink for channels.
The streams work but you will need to map the channels based on what is available in your location.
The channel stopped playing after about two hours but I'm unsure.
I'm unsure if that is a timer thing but the docker does work.
The docker doesn't bypass the use of your registration details.

sorry slow for me upload code, i start today

I tried this and it errors out. Do you need credentials?

Yes and they confirm geolocation by IP address to ensure you’re in their service area, too.

how do I change the port 7777 because all of the vlc bridge are on same port and it won't let me run a second docker.

Just map it to a seperate port. I use 7777 and 7778 no problem.


how do you do that? I changed the 7777:7777 and changed it to 7778:7778 and it didn't work.

You can't change the listener, only the port that you are mapping to the listener.

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how do I do that

docker run -d -p 7778:7777 registry.gitlab.com/miibeez/vlc-bridge-btv

Google is your friend.

I haven’t looked at LocalBTV in a longtime. Are people still able to use an m3u file for that?

I don't think so. I rarely use it, but you can record out of area LocalBTV programs and watch them. The only limitation is live TV. If the picture was higher quality, I would maybe use it more often.

How do you record out of area
Channels? I would like to get phoenix aztv channel 7

The original m3u no longer works, you must use the VLC Bridge Docker above. The VLC Bridge only works within your geofenced IP address area and if you have a subscription to LocalBTV.

The docker is pretty good just be advised that it ay crash occasionally.
If you stop and restart it it will play.
I think it observes the time out that folks on Localbtv have to deal with.
When it disconnects, simply press play.
LocalbTV does seem to workwell.
I have the settings in place.