Latest on Streaming Services TVE availability

I was wondering about that because if XFINITY ends Cable Card that was my 1rst Option to go to.

Corrected the post, meant via RPi4

One of my CDVR servers is an M1 Mac Mini and the other is on Windows. Both access TVE via YTTV.

It seems CDVR is slowly getting squeezed out of usefulness for me.


I use ChannelsDVR a lot Different it is both My PrimeTime Shows DVR/also Premium Channels and the backend to Plex Emby and SageTV. I have one main Server that enables tuner Sharing/TVE/M3U between all my APPS.

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For TVE, the main networks depend upon their individual station contracts in your area with the streaming provider. Frankly, there is no way to know which ones you'll get until you test. All those services offer free previews, so you can give it a whirl in your market and see how things go.

For instance, I get:

  • CBS from my local market
  • FOX from my local market, but only during prime-time programming
  • ABC from the market next to mine (but not my local)
  • NBC is no longer possible because of DRM

Although you didn't mention it, you can also get PBS pretty easily, despite its DRM issues.

That all said, you can use other solutions to get these stations and frankly all stations from any provider without using TVE, if you so choose. Check out:

The best solution is a mix. I have ESPN from the Channels default TVE method, but I also have EPlusTV as another way to integrate ESPN (1, 2, 3, The Ocho, Etc...) and other sports stations like Fox Sports. Thus, when the other day when PBS Kids and NFL Network went behind DRM, I quickly switched those stations to being accessed by CC4C.

Also, you should consider getting the FAST stations (think Pluto) and other OTT stations integrated into Channels to give you even more options. For your edification:


All that makes my head spin Glad I have 2 Primes and 2 Free Cable Cards.....

I just went through my credit card Statements and found that we really do not watch most of the Streaming Services I subscribe to.... Including NetFlix.... hit Cancel button.

Do you get ESPN & ESPN2 on ESPN +? I thought you couldn’t get “ESPN” channels on ESPN+.

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I use Philo and Xfinity since 2019...
In that time,
Philo only had one time it had auth issues in Channels. Rock solid.
Xfinity, is known to have auth issues from time to time. It has been stable for the last couple months though.

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You can't (for the time being); ESPN linear stations come from a TV Provider integration in the EPlusTV docker, along with a bunch of other options. Don't confuse "EplusTV" with "ESPN+". The former is made by an individual person to integrate ESPN+ and other such things into tools like Channels (among others).



I wonder if we'll all have to go outside at some point and enjoy life without TV.


lol. in 100F temps, with 120F heat index.... yea no thanks. I don't need any Hospital visit bills.

Or, the opposite in the winter here, -30F and 20feet of snow and ice.

We use Philo as well, no issues. Cannot get Xfinity here. Just tried YTTV and got the same as others with an RPi4, "Blocked by Google: This browser or app may not be secure". Tried both Chrome and Edge with the same result. Both browsers address boxes that say "not secure"


Because Chrome is out of date most likely. The devs have to update the bundled Chrome and push a new image out.

If you use your own Linux install, where u manually install Chrome and manage updates, should be good.

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I'm using the following.
Hulu Live
Pluto TV
tugo TV
I've got about 17 sources loaded in channels.

I have an RPi4 here and it is getting YTTV without issue. I just run the linux distro for channels like any other linux box, not the channels rpi image.


Which Devs?
I have no idea where or how to use Linux

Other than finding a Source in the "Add Source" dropdown I have no idea how to add anything else.

The Channels Devs, assuming you are using the Pi Image made by Channels.

I am using the Channels RPi4 image of course, didn't know there was another way. Is an update something they are working on?

That's not the main problem anyways. DRM seems to be killing off TVE which is the only reason I have CDVR in the first place. Really need to find a way to get back networks now hiding behind DRM (Fox and NBC)