MCEBuddy - Channels DVR files


Hey did you ever get this to work? could you give me an example? what URL would you use? switch the ip address to that of my dvr server?

  • Thanks!


Run this command:

Invoke-WebRequest -Method put


Yes. Replace the IP address provided by @tmm1 with the IP address of your server.


Awesome! got it to work! Thank you!


Hey, I currently have MCEbuddy working fine and doing the job i want it to. Is there any update on your official export feature? Are there any plans, or have you thought to export recordings into a HEVC file to maximize storage?
Thank you for all the hard work you guys do!

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Can channels see/play converted files?

Is there a way to disable the creation of the JSON files if I am no longer using MCEBuddy?


iwr -method Delete


Awesome, worked like a charm! Now I won’t have a bunch of folders with JSON files lingering around even through I deleted the shows from Channels DVR.


I’ll update the DVR to delete the json files when a recording is deleted.


Can you adjust the update to remove all files with the same name?

This would really help those of us using a third party recording aggregator. One example, would be Emby which adds .nfo files or even Channels with the newly added .edl function.



I was going to post a similar request as I notice since edl files are created alongside our recordings when I delete a recording after watching the edl file stays behind and becomes clutter.


Latest pre-release build will delete nfo/edl/json


Sorry, guess I joined late. How do I get the .nfo files I would like to see for recordings instead of deleting them as you say?
I figured out by stumbling through the forum how to create a .json file for all available recordings, but am unaware how to get the .nfo files I’d prefer.


There are no nfo files in the DVR. Someone else mentioned them earlier.


This works great, but on some shows I also have .jpg and .png …probably created by Emby (?) but could be another media manager since I have been trying so many. Would really like to see xxxx.* deleted.



Channels doesn’t create .nfo files. The only solution that I’ve seen create is Emby. You can use the free version.

Edit: Just run Emby…point to Channels folders when you add to libraries.


Caught the post, but now I see the thread titled MCEBuddy, off to do more homework…

Thanks, thought maybe Channels DVR created .nfo files.

Many media managers available, I currently use TinyMedia Manager to scrape, create metadata NFO’s and artwork.


Is there a standard nfo format? I haven’t seen one in years


The only “Standards” I’ve seen and followed are;
NFO files - Official Kodi Wiki
NFO Tutorial -

For WiKi and history see

Doesn’t mean it’s a “standard”, but closest I’ve seen in my recent research to finding something standard enough that lets you lock down your metadata and keeps “metadata scapers” from messing with your media file metadata, like wrong SE#EP# lookups for a TV Series, wrong Title match for a Movie, made for TV-Show Movie, documentary and home made videos you can’t scrape on an Inet site, etc. I would prefer to edit my .nfo files vs. joining a website to edit metadata someone else can delete or change. Do it once, correct and keep your own info.