Missing channel/guide data that is available in HDHR app


Hey there, setting up Channels today and everything seemed fine then I noticed on my mobile app that a channel was completely blank, no guide data. The same channel does not appear in the web portal.

This channel does have data on the HDHomeRun app. It happens to be the only channel in my lineup without a logo, not sure if that could be related.

I refreshed guide data, no change
I opened the channel list, tried the + mapping option but nothing to use here

What else can I do to troubleshoot?



Try clicking the refresh/reload icon next to your DVR in the HDHR section of the DVR settings page.


FAQ's here Frequently Asked Questions
Maybe try this trick which is not in the FAQ's yet Channel guide editing


No luck with any of these but I did delete the line up and re-add it, showed up this time shrug

thanks for the replies