Missing/Partial Guide Issues....Again


A family member turned on the Channels DVR app on Fire TV and once again we’re seeing guide issues. We haven’t had any guide issues since moving from the regular app to a DVR subscription until today. This time, instead of partial guide data, it has absolutely no guide data beyond listing the channels. Getting the guide back isn’t too difficult, but ideally it shouldn’t have to be fixed in the first place. I’m hoping you can figure out why it happened so we can prevent it in the future. I’ve emailed the logs.


I’ve had/noticed this same issue on my FireTV.


This should be fixed. Any more problems in the last couple weeks?


I emailed the support e-mail yesterday about my guide issues but haven’t heard back yet.


We’ve been away for a bit the past week or so, meaning not as much TV, but I don’t recall any guide related issues lately. As always, I’ll let you know if I see anything.


Missing certain channel guides today