NAS gone wrong

Sounds like either network issues or something running on your NAS or some setting is interfering.
Not enough info to go on.
Don't know your network topology or what you're running on your NAS, so you're pretty much on your own as far as troubleshooting. Not that I would volunteer my time as a consultant anyways :grin:

Sounds like you have a lot of issues with the Nas. Question. Why not just got back to the Mac mini? From your original post it sounds like you had no issues with that config. Is there a reason why you have to go the Nas route? I know a lot of people love them on this forum but personally I think they are underpowered for commercial detection and transcoding. I prefer a traditional computer instead of a Nas, pi, docker, etc. Just my 2 cents...

Honestly I wanted to repurpose the mac mini for something else that could always be on. I would constantly get beat up for restarting the computer when someone was watching TV but if I can't figure out how to get it right I may have to go back to the mac mini. I just don't like to give up. If its working for others I feel like it can/should work for me as well.

There must be something that I'm missing. Maybe do a fresh install of Channels instead of using the back up from the mac mini?

Yeah i don't know man if it were me I would just make that mac mini a dedicated dvr server and call it a day...

I just seen a message that popped up and said tuner issues are causing problems with the tuner

I think this points to something more systemically wrong with your LAN. Unfortunately you seem to be the only individual having this problem.

Have you yet changed your NAS to use only a single interface, and disabled LACP on your switch?

(Also, which model switch are you using? Some UI switch models don't actually do well with aggregation in any form.)

what is LACP?

I'm using a unifi switch but I think I'm going to switch the nas to go direct to the modem

Link-aggregation control protocol. It's the most common form of link aggregation. However, there are others, like failover, round-robin, etc. Both devices—in your case, the NAS and switch—both must use the same form of aggregation. Otherwise, you get unexpected issues.

Which is why I asked which model (and firmware) specifically. Certain UI switches have known issues with aggregation or different port profiles.

And it also depends on which mode you selected on the Synology for the bonded link.

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I had it on adaptive.

I'm sitting here watching the football game (well attempting too) and its just skipping and acting up. When I look at the NAS resource monitor I am only using 13% of my CPU and 7% of RAM! This is literally driving me CRAZY!!

Enable statistics. Are you dropping frames or is your buffer running out?

where can I enable statistics? its definitly buffering a lot.

I switched back to hardware transcoding and it seems like its working a little bit better.

Huh. Does the dvr activity say it's transcoding? There should be no transcoding while watching in home. Is the Apple TV set to Home Streaming Quality: Original?

It’s in the pull down menu - same area you find the caption toggle and sleep timer.

i didnt just trying different things

is this on the TV on in the server settings?

On the Apple TV. When watching, pull down, swipe right to options.

i see it now...what do the stats tell me?
signal strength = 66%
quality = 64%

is that bad?

Yeah that is on the low side. You should be aiming for mid 80s