NAS vs U59 Beelink Mini PC

Currently I run my DVR on an old laptop and its great but I need to move it off that platform. I am trying to decide between a Beelink U59 Mini PC and a Synology 2 Bay NAS DiskStation DS220+ Also with the new features I may nix Plex and use this for my movies as well -- Recommendations? Thoghts?


I run Channels currently on a Synology DiskStation DS220+. I have experimented with most other platforms including a PC running Windows and Linux as well as a Raspberry PI. I have also run the docker package on both the Synology NAS and under Linux on a standard server. As of now, I am running the Synology NAS App package, since I find it easier to keep the chrome package upgraded using that package (vs the Docker container). Power-wise, I have found the DS220+ to meet my needs. I also dropped Plex and use the Channel DVR package exclusively to manage my library and new recordings. I like the NAS solution because it provides storage, backup, security, and ease-of-use in a single package. But, preferences will be what they will be.

The belink will run it no problem. So will a NAS. Personally if you can swing it i would try to get a 4 bay NAS raid 5. That way you can have 1 drive as parity.

But using a old laptop as a server is a great thing. Used laptops are cheap and have a built in battery backup. Then just add a external HDD for mass storage. Your good to go. Also a old laptop will probably be more powerful then either that minipc or NAS.

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I used the U59 with linux. It worked fine. Except I was unable to get hardware decoding working but didn't spend too much time on it. You'll need to contact their support for a bios that supports Auto ON after power failure and apply it with windows. I needed an M1, for work purposes, so I moved the DVR over there as it was now always on. Otherwise, I would still be using the U59.

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So I will assume that unlike Raspberry PI the NAS will still be available for other uses while being used as a Channels server?

Yes. NAS can be used bybmultiple users, multiple apps at once. Depending on HW specs

I have been using a U59 for several months ever since the Shield upgrade problems. It does a good job, but I am probably going to get a DS220 to host the Channels and Plex servers. The advantages of using a NAS for this purpose are hard to ignore.

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Thanks Mike I think I agree

My main DVR is installed in MINIPC with UBUNTU Server and Dual Dock USB 3 with 2 8TB drives in Raid 1. Easier to replace a MINIPC than a full blown NAS.

Went this way because ... Channels has become a necessity in our household so in the event of hardware failure easier to recover than a NAS.

  1. HD Failure will continue to record.
  2. Mini PC failure ... Move Drives to my Laptop boot into ubuntu ..until I can replace mini pc. minimal downtime.
  3. Usb Dock failure replace Dock.

As you can see no data lost ... with a NAS failure you have to get a compatible NAS in order to recover.

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What Mini do you use, do you run it headless?

Lenovo M73 REFURB I5 ... Yes headless.

You know your way around a linux system and I don't. Maybe I will need to backup my Channels data periodically to another location besides the NAS in case of hardware failure, so I can easily rehost on another system temporarily. You have an advantage since you have linux experience.

Believe it or not had no prior experience with linux until a few months ago ... I just asked questions here and the members of this forum are more than willing to help.... took lots of notes. My expertise is windows ... but found it lacking as a slim server.

My background is disaster recovery so fast recovery and redundancy is in my nature.

@Michael_Birk Same here. No linux experience at all until about a year ago. Literally everything you need you can get from YouTube/google. "How do I install Ubuntu Server" follow a YouTube video and you are in business. Install Webmin and then you will have a way to manage the OS a bit if CLI gets you down. Definitely worth it, Running Channels on Ubuntu Server is the cleanest most reliable setup hands down.

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Well, I think you and Edwin_Perez have convinced me that I should try setting a linux server for Channels. Since I am retired, I have plenty of time to see if can make it work. I do have some experience with Unix systems when I worked with DoD security.

I will be willing to help I am retired too. Well semi retired I still do PC Support/upgrades from home.

Awesome! Dont cheat and do Ubuntu Desktop :wink: Since you are an old Unix guy you wont have a problem, basic command are the same.

Also a tip. If you are using USB external drives mount them by uuid. That burned me a couple of times when I rebooted (SDB became SDC, SDC became SDB).


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What advantage does it give you over Windows with a Channels server?

The operating system itself is more robust ... no unnecessary services running like windows has.... No forced updates. Less memory needed ... I can go on ... believe me my first DVR was on Windows and I am glad I switched to UBUNTU server.