NBC, NBC Sports, NBCU Networks No Longer Available via TV Everywhere Providers

Anyone else having audio problem on the NBC TVE channel? It seems to be missing. Just not sure if it had to do with the removal and re-add of NBC or if its TVE itself. I tried to go to the menu where you can go to show stats. But I can't even get to it due to having no audio track listed. Picture is fine.

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Have you checked their website feed?


Thanks. Just checked and through the website it is fine.

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My TVE NBC (WNBC) is working fine for me in Channels, I have both picture and sound.

ok maybe its just something goofy with my local station. Glad I have an antenna so if they do decided to add drm to the local channel here.

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I've lost many Fox affiliated stations as well as most of the Discovery channels as well. Some, like Science channel and FXX still work but I suppose it's only a matter of time.

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If you look at the info on Widevine https://www.vdocipher.com/blog/widevine-drm-hollywood-video/, the DRM technology that is being used, there are various levels of security. The highest, L1, means the video and decryption are done in a Trusted Execution Environment, basically a VM. That means other programs can't get at the memory where the decrypted video is stored.

Windows apparently doesn't support L1 on all hardware so programs like Audials can still grab the decoded video (I've used Audials for several years and had mixed results with it). But other devices like streaming boxes might which would stop any kind of memory grab of the decrypted video.


As of this morning, yes. None of the NBCU channels, including CNBC, MSNBC, and all of the entertainment networks, are available on my Channels server.

Notably, I live near enough to get two major metro TVE streams on my system (DC and Baltimore). As of this morning the DC NBC affiliate (WRC-4) has been REPLACED by the Baltimore affiliate (WBAL-11) as my channel 6000.

It's ironic because WBAL is the one Baltimore channel that I can't get consistently on my antenna. I understand this is temporary, and eventually I'll lose that TVE option, too,

Thankfully, I get a pretty solid signal on WRC, so I can still get NBC programming. For the rest I'll have to use the NBC Universal or Peacock apps, which don't integrate at all to my DVR. Oh, well.


In theory, couldn’t Channels use the Widevine license on the streaming device to decode/encode streams? I think Kodi does something like that with InputStream Adaptive. It wouldn’t work on all devices and I don’t know if recording would work (maybe it could but playback would also require Widevine?)

I honestly don’t understand how it works so maybe I’m completely off base here.

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For now I came up with a solution for currently just since losing USA network last week. I thought I was going to go to Hulu On Demand which is $15 dollars a month and I wouldn’t be watching anything else on there for that $15 dollars a month. So I played around this past weekend with my CamLink 4K and the original HD Apple TV I had laying around and downloaded USA Network app and signed in with my streaming provider and started playing back the live tv channel of the USA Network. Opened up OBS and started recording the channel and everything seems to be working out great! Only thing it I tried choosing the lowest setting and for 2 hours of recording testing it was up to 15gb ish. But it will be the only thing I will be recording and I will delete it once I get done watching it. Also, you can through it into Channels to detect the commercials for auto skip.

This is what I have came up with currently. If I forget to manually record I can also go play it back the next day from on demand for the USA network app but for now this is my solution. I also have a buddy on his Plex server that puts up the show on his server and so I have a few different options. Through all of this I just didn’t want to start spending money on a live streaming service so I could start watching on USA network. But eventually it is starting to look that way. Just the matter of time I guess. I just wish it they had a la cart TV channels.


Similar thought being discussed here:

Did some digging into inputsteam.adaptive, some of the comments and forks are interesting... :eyes:

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UGH. I knew this was coming. NBC has been glitchy and unreliable for several months...with my local NBC just disappearing randomly or being some far away station one day and the normal one the next. Sucks. I do have a family member running several HDHomeRun with all the OTA and I can watch it via Channels or Plex remotely...I suppose I could pipe everything together (the remaining TVE plus the OTA I could nab from those remote streams) but not sure I want to bother with it honestly. I'm getting tired of playing this cat and mouse game. My feeling is there needs to be legislation from the government to mandate these local stations quit playing games with DRM and encryption and all this garbage...should be must-carry especially when they are extracting tens of millions of dollars in carriage fees ... it's literal extortion. Just venting. Thanks for the updates - this certainly isn't Channels DVR team fault and I'm sure they are working on things but it just sucks for the end users.


Lost my NBC (WESH in Orlando) yesterday, error is 504 Gateway timeout. Guess I was lucky to have it this long.

Hopefully a workaround will be made to allow DVRing, don't care about anything live.


So im still getting NBC but i no longer get USA network. USA still haa a login on its site but ww all lost it bwcause they uae DRM technology in their websites? Im just a bit confused still on this aa channels server runs on. PC & only uses apple & android clients & server runs on pc.

I think this is over for WNBC:

2023/04/26 08:38:09.536625 [ERR] Could not start stream for ANY ch6000 WNBC: TVE: Could not fetch playlist: tvenbcono-x.akamaized.net: get https://tvenbcono-x.akamaized.net/v1/master/8731b4a01f4c78c237c9c596da70a09cf1742ab7/PROD_NBC_OO_PASSTHROUGH/master.m3u8?aws.sessionId=f053effd-9adb-49c5-bea0-6e758b6fba4b&hdnts=exp=1682512809~acl=/v1/master/!/Content/~hmac=036bc9125b87804b207fc94a4c453f7c69bbe829047cb00c06eb72413e95af63: 504 Gateway Time-out
2023/04/26 08:38:09.537222 [ERR] Failed to start stream for ch4: M3U: 503 Service Unavailable
2023/04/26 08:38:09.630205 [HLS] Couldn't generate stream playlist for ch4-dANY-ip192.168.0.147: M3U: 503 Service Unavailable
2023/04/26 08:38:09.630306 [HLS] Stopping transcoder session ch4-dANY-ip192.168.0.147


Yep, I can confirm, as of this morning: my remaining NBU holdouts, KNBC and SyFy (East) are no longer working for me, either.

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I lost SYFY as well.. that was my last “holdover”

WNBC good. SyFy bad.

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