NBC, NBC Sports, NBCU Networks No Longer Available via TV Everywhere Providers

Funny, I can tell you completely read my note,

Thanks for the clarification. In my case I had not yet updated prerelease yet, still had KNBC via TVE, but lost all the other mentioned channels. I understood this because KNBC where I live is Owned & Operated. I noted some posts in the thread had singled out SyFy specifically, but in my case, it too was gone. I assumed it'd be the same for others, but SyFy seems to be in a different boat. I figured I wouldn't update for awhile, just to ride out the situation and see what else might change. And since I get a solid NBC signal via OTA, the stakes weren't too high for me anyway.

Anyway, this morning when checking my servers I accidentally updated prerelease, as it's part of my regular routine, just clicked it via muscle memory, it was early and I wasn't thinking too clearly, lol. Not a big deal in my case, at least this cleans up my guide, automatically removed unavailable channels that weren't playing. I hadn't gotten around to manually removing them from my Channel Collections just yet. I doubt I would have been able to hold off on the update for too long anyway as I'm too big of a fan of Channels DVR, and all the cool new features the devs are brewing.

I can't say I'm optimistic on this front but hopefully those that still have channels they need, are able to preserve such access as long as possible. And if not, we'll adapt, one way or another, as we've always managed to do.


Please clarify as these specifics matter.

Did you downgrade to 2023.04.18.2147?

Just out of curiosity could you explain why you think O&O stations make a difference? I have a non-O&O NBC affiliate and it was still working as of yesterday.

Just as a suggestion floated by @tmm1 here:

and since KNBC in my area was still working (and on that list) while I was reading a few dozen reports from others who weren't as lucky, it seemed like a reasonable explanation

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Thanks, I missed that post. My station is a Cox-owned station and was spared for now. Luckily I also have good OTA reception.


I forced the docker container back to 2023.03.25.1628 and SYFY still works


Not wanting to open a dead issue, but it seems this is caused by NBC implementing DRM on their streams. Last post I could find from 2019 stated that DRM was fundamentally incompatible with Channels. Earlier posts reflected that DRM support was not economically feasible for a small operation such as Channels. As we face the likely possibility of more providers going down the DRM route, I am wondering if anything has changed since 2019 to make DRM support more likely?

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I think @CScott was referring to the latest prerelease as a "downgrade" instead of an "upgrade" in the sense that some channels were removed. Consequently having less than before after the update.

So it was more like a sarcastic name for the latest prerelease.

I could be wrong but that's the way I understood it.


Oh, in that case, putting aside the tactless tantrum, the good news is that the earlier prereleases are still available for installation and rolling back is within grasp, as others have subsequently shared here.

Remember if you have a paid, cable. satellite, or ott service. You can watch NBC and it's channels that are in your package free (just not via Channels). My mother is a diehard MSNBC watcher. I was thinking I was going to have to get Peacock, and PlayOn Cloud, then link to Channels DVR.

I'll re-enable syfy and nbc for now since it's working for some people


I tried the SyFy stream about 15 mins ago. It wasn't working.


WSMV (NBC) - 6000 is still working
Syfy (east) - 6054 is still working but 6055 (west) is not working.
Everything else NBC is dead.


If she is diehard, and you think it is worth it, there is a subscription (tugotv.com) that now has a working vlc-bridge docker that brings the streams into channels. It is similar to the docker for FrndlyTV. They cary MSNBC and NBCGolf. I believe those are the only NBCUniversal networks however.


Is Tugotv legit or is it just another IPTV service? Seems pretty low price at $29.99 for their content lineup.

Can you retry to enable MSNBC? I just updated again, and SYFY works with the latest enable.


WSMV is my DMA. Also echo what he says about SyFy West.

Interesting, I lost WSMV at the same time I lost all the other NBCU stuff. They all went dead for me yesterday afternoon, even before the firmware update.


Finally, I ran across your comment that explains why I can no longer access MSNBC and CNBC using Channels via TVE but I can still access NBC, at least for now. Has NBC made any comments about their change in streaming format technology being an intentional move to prevent the type of streaming/recording that Channels/TVE or other similar services offer?