Need help using Docker with Custom Channels

Hello All. I am relatively new to all this but have channels up and running and think its great. i would love to add frndly, tubi etc, and have tried to follow the instruction s using docker , but I'm lost . is there a step by step guide for neanderthals like me? Thanks, Jeff

It would be helpful to know where you are getting stuck. However try this:

the setup might seem complicated but it really is straight forward. I was never a docker user myself so I know where you are coming from. That guide is for PlutoTV.

Thanks very much. Will give it a try

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Frndly and ESPN+ are the only dockers I run. I find it’s easier for me to update and manage as much as possible within the Channels web UI as possible. Pluto, Plex, Stirr and Samsung TV all have non docker sources you can add as custom channels with their M3U and EPG. Tubi also has a M3U available but EPG is not available for it.

Info on adding custom channels:

Thread on non docker M3U custom channel sources: (read this thread in full before trying as info has changed over time)

If you are new to docker I’d recommend the desktop version. Start with Frndly as it is pretty simple to get running. Here is the thread for it and ESPN+.

Thanks very very much for your help. I still havent figured out docker/frndly but have added a couple of channels as you suggested and they work fine!

What system are you running your server on? And do you already have a Frndly account?

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I’m running on windows 11 and I do have a FrndlyTV account.

I am running on MacOS so there may be some differences I am un aware of but this is the site to download docker desktop for windows.

Once docker is running it is just a matter of pulling in the frndly for channels docker
Step by step setup info is found here:

Thank you. This is a very helpful community. Ive installed docker desktop for windows built am still trying to figure out how to import or create the image. The tutorials ive found to date are too technical , but I’ll keep looking and will get there. Thanks for the info.

On Matt’s website just copy the text in red under setup into terminal. Make sure you replace the placeholders with your actual username and password.

Thanks . I’ve installed the docket windows program but can’t see where I can crest the file to paste the text into. I have Containers. Images , volumes and dev environments, but the only place I can find to create anything is in the create option in volumes .

You type the text into command line terminal. Then it will show up in the docker desktop

Yes as @Rice said. All of the commands are entered in CMD (DOS for us old guys) window.
Select windows key+R (windows key then R) and type in CMD then enter or return

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Thanks, I was looking for something in the docker desktop app to copy and paste into the desktop app. . CMD line / MS DOS-piece of cake! Thanks guys !’