NEW: Android TV app for Channels DVR (experimental)

Similar to the Roku app, this new Android TV app lets you watch live TV on your SHIELD via the Channels DVR backend (running either on the SHIELD itself, or any other computer/NAS in your home). Install it via

Since the SHIELD can decode both mpeg2 and h264 natively, the DVR server does not need to do any transcoding. It simply finds an available tuner (sharing when possible) and forwards the video to the SHIELD for viewing.

The app also uses up to 2GB of local storage on the SHIELD for buffering, allowing you to pause/resume and skip -10/+30s during playback.

NOTE: This app is still very experimental, as I'm still trying to learn how Android apps work and there's a lot involved. The app only works if you have Channels DVR running on your network (it cannot talk to HDHRs directly). Playback has only been tested on the SHIELD, but it may work on other Android TV boxes.


Playing with it now. The design is simple for a first go, and I like the OSD has the channels on the bottom. Remote media player buttons would be by first request for pause/play/jump forward/jump back to make it a little easier. Really appreciate the first go at it!

Are you using a 3rd party remote? I’ve only been testing with the SHIELD remote, which doesn’t have a lot of buttons…

Yup, using a Harmony. I tried my Shield remote and the native play/pause doesn’t work either (if you double tap the middle area in the bottom half of the remote).

Wow, had no idea that was a thing.

Will take a look…

I uploaded a new beta with support for media playback keys. Not quite sure how you update though…

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Installed the app, however when I open it, it’s just blank. I have the dvr server running on the nvidia shield.

Any thoughts?

What is on screen? Does it show a spinner?

Do you have any channels favorited on the DVR?

There is no spinner…And I do not currently have any channels favorited. I will try this and get back to you.

Thank you

You need favorites set as the app only shows those. After adding some, restart the app by going to Settings > Apps > Channels > Stop

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My shield indicated Channels was updated. Ffd/rew now works, however only by using OSD to nav to > & < and then enter.

Which media playback keys? As I don’t have an official Shield remote…it may just be me. Did try on an emulated remote & controller.

Currently play, pause, skip forward and skip back buttons are implemented. Rewind and FF buttons are not yet added, but I plan to do so.

Are you using a harmony?

For now, using an older Amazon Fire Stick remote

Does play/pause button work?

How do you pair the Amazon remote with the SHIELD?

Play/Pause works on a >ll dedicated button and also center of dpad. Action occurs and brings up OSD.

Prior to current, I added a Harmony Smart remote and a B/T keyboard in addition to Amazon Fire remote.

Settings > Add Accessory (have to scroll down). Must use a B/T accessory.

The way I was able to use my Harmony remote with Android TV is to get a FLIRC

Using the kodi flirc device profile in Harmony software.

I have been using it this way so I can have number keys and all the media playback controls, mainly for HDHomerun software. Cant wait to try out ChannelsDVR live tv on Shield.

It’s still on 1.0 so I haven’t been able to test it until I get the updated version. Is there a way to change the buttons around for skip forward/backward and have FF/rewind instead? The Apple TV app works like that, so it would keep it consistent between the two.

I’m also on 1.0, however not using an actual Shield remote. Not able to use the dedicated >> & << nor dpad r/l for skipping, etc. (on paired B/T Fire Remote). I don’t see corresponding dedicated keys on the official Shield remote, what buttons are on the Shield remote which work for skip frd/back? Also, currently don’t have Harmony Smart remote paired to Shield.

Today, I just let the Shield run on various shows on Channels (Live TV). Multiple times (5x), it crashed back to main menu (OSD: Open App again and Send Feedback options), all within 5-25 minutes of starting the show. After several crashes cleared cache (was 2.2gb) and data (minimal mb). No change in behaviour, still crashed. Changed screen saver time to “2 hours” and sleep time to “Never”. No change again, still crashed.

Each crash also caused a restart on Channels DVR.

Uploaded 1.0.1 beta. Should work with ff/rew buttons now. Also lets you select Favs/HD/All for On Now.

There is none, just on the new controller.