New Fire TV Max

Is it good to go with full Atsc 3.0 support on non DRM channels?

Seems like the specifications say so. One of the Silicon Dust developers has purchased one and will likely insure that they support it. I don't know anything about how Channels DVR handles AC4 sound.

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I just set mine up. I'm still getting stereo on 3.0 channels


From Silicon Dust developer about their HDHomerun app support:

Re: List of Supported devices

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Post by nickk » Fri Sep 29, 2023 4:54 pm

Just got the new Fire TV 4K (2023 non-Max) set up.

It supports AC4 to EAC3/AC3/PCM "passthrough" and it provides an AC4 system codec.

If you set the Speaker Configuration in the HDHomeRun app to Digital Passthrough it will use the AC4 "passthrough" mode. If you set "5.1 Surround Sound" it will use the AC4 system codec. Both modes should work.


They have also said their DRM solution will happen on Roku, Android, and FireTV first. AppleTV DRM support will be delayed because it doesn't have the necessary code built-in and will need extra work. I don't really need to use ATSC3.0 channels yet, but others might.


You may want to check out AFTV news about the new devices. They are reporting some differences that may or may not cause some people problems.
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I am using the HDHomerun APP on it with passthrough and the sound is outstanding with ATSC 3.0 AC4. Watching football.

This is long overdue for channels to implement. Especially since their built in ac4 to pcm multi channel is horrible. Requested since 2020 at least.

Great, I will probably need to get a couple of them before the end of the year. I heard they are a fairly insignificant upgrade from the original Max. But getting the ATSC 3.0 sound improvements right seems like a good thing even if it only works on the HDHomerun app for now. I currently get several dropped frames on ATSC 3.0 using Channels DVR. Wonder if the new Max will help this.

I find Channels DVR lacking in ATSC 3.0 and AC4 support ... that is why anytime I want to watch ATSC 3.0 I use the HDHomerun APP ... I think it has to do with the player they are using... I like my audio to passthrough.

The new Max only real improvement over the New FireTV 4k is the Storage.... also a slightly better CPU.

Prime Deals are coming up on Monday.

Here is a good place to Compare them ....

Comparison Table for Fire TV Devices | Amazon Fire TV

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This works great using the HDHomeRun APP great Video and Sound... Using Channels DVR to view the same Channels Drops frames like crazy.

I find the broadcast industry lacking in ATSC3 support. If the engineers pumping the feeds across the airwaves are still figuring it out and things are in flux, it's pretty difficult to find fault with those implementing players.

The moving target of TVE streams and authentication is one thing; but the moving target of ATSC3—where different DMAs are doing quite different things—is a whole 'nother kettle of fish.

Why Can't Channels DVR do real Passthrough that would solve some audio problems ?

ATSC 3.0 is the only way I can watch FOX OTA. ATSC 1 reception breaks up they moved the station to a low power.

I bought one of the new Max devices yesterday, found a code for $20 off. It works like you say, and extra storage memory is nice.

Yes I agree, but at least Channels DVR is making progress. One of my ATSC3.0 channels had no or low audio, now it works fine. They also fixed the time for a ATSC3.0 stream to reliably start to around 5 sec. Wish I didn't get so many dropped frames on some of my devices, but I don't think they have the power to decode the audio and keep the video intact.

Would be nice I think for at least some devices, as it might solve the ATSC3.0 dropped frames. But I don't believe it has any benefit for AppleTV devices.

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True if there is no benefit to Apple TV devices, we will never see Passthrough.


So, how do know you're getting AC4? When I go to audio diagnostics on the fire tv, AC4 isn't listed.

What do you mean by audio diagnostics ? The new FireTV 2nd gen supports AC4.

If you go into Fire tv display & sound settings, you can scroll down to Audio and video diagnostics.

AC4 is a codec and codecs are not listed in diagnostics. You Talking about the below ....

Correct. Audio on Atsc 3.0 channels is not processed properly the new Fire tv max through the HD homerun app. Channels on the fire tv drops frames. The Apple tv 4k through the channels app, works correct on Atsc 3.0 audio and video.

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That is old the Homerun app processes AC4 properly if your audio device supports AC4 Passthrough... Channels DVR is the one that has problems and will not Passthrough.