NFL Network "no login form found"

Been having this problem for about a week tried Hulu and YouTube.

Have you tried these troubleshooting steps?

All updated and NFL Network works when logging into the website, and app on Apple TV, just not with Channels DVR.

If you really did go through the checklist, you missed the last step.
"If all the above fails"

Is your NFL Network working?

I have it in my Xfinity package, but Xfinity doesn't offer it as a TVE channel, so no login for Xfinity there on their website.

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I had a brief hiccup while re-authorizing, but NFL is playing fine for me with DirecTV credentials. (DVR version: 2022.05.18.2345)

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The thread I linked to and the posts in it are gathered from this forum viewing different users having issues with TVE over the years. I originally had these all in a text file on my computer as notes. I decided to share it with the Community to help others troubleshoot their TVE issues without having to wait on the developers to respond to what I saw were frequent issues. That's why the last suggestion is to submit diagnostics to the experts if the most frequent issues I covered don't help you.

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Submitted the log file now. I posted about it in the discord but seemed to be over looked.

@racameron I'm on 2022.05.25.0242 beta, just updated it at the suggestion of chDVRuser but still having the same issue.

I seen in discord they fixed an issue with DTV but no mention of any issues with the others.Not sure why it's happening on two different sources.

I’m having the same problem as well with the NFL Network. I have YTTV. I’ve checked and tried all the recommended suggestions. My log while scanning for channels is stating NFL Network is waiting for input. How is one able to respond to the request? Nothing pops up.

Didn't want to start a new thread, this seems to be the most recent...

Is NFL network working? It worked in the past but now it isn't? Using Hulu.

I am having problems viewing NFL Network also. I am getting an "Cable Provider Authentication Failed" error. I am able to watch on though. I am using DirecTV.

Did the new update fix your issues? I am still getting Cable Provider Authentication Failed.

Being worked on...

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Same issue still here. Thanks chDVRuser for confirmation it is still being worked on.

According to the release notes, this was fixed with v2022.07.31.2021, but I still have this issue with the NFL Network after installing this update on a Mac Mini (2012).

Working with 2022.08.02.0507

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