NFL Network Not Working "no login form found"

Seems that NFL Network (YTTV) is not working for me; the diagnostic logs show "no login form found". I tried to rescan that channel and received the same error and also lost it in the guide since it failed to scan; other channels are working so I am guessing they have changed something. I submitted a diagnostic 784e8119-5750-4785-a841-5f66fa2d61de. Currently on 2021.11.22.2018...

Still not working for me though I can stream it on the NFL website. Has anyone else experienced this?

@tmm1 have you seen any other reports of this? Any idea what might be going on?

Your diagnostics show it getting stuck here, I assume due to this pop up.

I'm not sure why others are not experiencing this

Thanks for that screen shot. In the future is there a way I can see them locally or do I have to send a diagnostic for you all to see it? Channels runs on a separate computer and is dedicated to that purpose so I logged into it, opened Chrome on it and click the "Later" option on the NFL Network login then channels was able to authenticate to NFL network...

You can see that on http://x.x.x.x:8089/providers/tve/error_screenshot.png after doing an individual channel rescan

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Would it be feasible to add this to the support page of the web ui or maybe a link to it? Might be very helpful to have an easier way to see what is happening when authentication fails.

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