No Guide Data Away from Home

I have a Fire TV Stick 4k that I am using to remotely connect to my Channels DVR server. I do not get any guide data for my local channels (via HDHR), but I do get guide data for the TVE channels. When I connect Fire TV Sticks on my home network, the guide works fine, but not when I connect remotely. The guide data on my iPhone is fine using the same remote connection. Any thoughts?

Just guessing, but did you have the HDHR source device disabled on your FTV stick while at home?
I know with iOS when on the same network as an HDHR it will appear even if it's not setup as a source for your DVR.

The Fire Stick has never been connected to my home network - I bought it to use in my camper.

The local channels appear in the guide, and I can select them and view them. It’s just that the guide doesn’t tell me what is on or coming up on those channels - instead of having actual program info for each channel, each just shows on long program with the name of the channel.

Did you check on the source that tuners are enabled ? If no tuners are enabled you will not see guide data.

My issue is similar to this post from two years ago, except that I only have the issue when connected remotely, i.e., away from my home network:

The tuners must be enabled, because they show up in the guide and I can tune to them; I just don’t get the information on what is currently on each channel.

I think I saw a post that said that the Fire TV gets its guide data directly from the HDHR, but it was old and I think the Fire TV client has undergone some big updates. If the Fire still gets guide data directly from the HDHR, then maybe guide data is simply not available remotely, given that I obviously cannot reach the HDHR directly, from a remote network…?

Submit diagnostics from the channels app on the FireTV


Please restart the app then resubmit after it connects to your dvr

Just rebooted and sent diagnostics. Actually from a different Fire TV but exact same setup and same guide problem.

I just force-stopped the app, cleared data and cache, opened Channels DVR back up, logged in, and sent diagnostics. Does that give you what you need?

Unfortunately what I'm looking for is not coming through.

Maybe you can load the logs directly via http://x:57000/log and see if it's making a request for guide data from your dvr and if there are errors shown after it does.

I just force-closed the app, opened right back up, played a channel, and grabbed the log. Emailed the log to [email protected].

It includes guide=true at the top, but that’s the only instance of the word.

Any thoughts on this? Did you receive the logs at your support address? There are a bunch of errors for bitmap size (too large to display), not sure if that is related to the guide or would preclude the guide from showing data…?