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I suddenly have no video using Channels for fire tv. I have video on other fire tv apps. I have audio with a black screen. I have tried stopping the app, restarting fire tv, restarting the TV, changing HDMI ports.
I sent a diagnostic.

This looks like a bug in v2.1.13 which was released this morning. I am working on a fix.

It works fine on Apple TV.

We have uploaded 2.1.14 to Amazon Store with a fix. It should be approved soon and update on your device.


Thank you. You’re fantastic. Channels is my favorite and most used app! I tell everyone that I know.

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Thank you for submitting this question. I am having the same issue.

Glad this has been sorted. My New Fire Cube arrived today and I assumed this was an issue with the Cube so came on to report as the rest of my 4K Sticks havn't updated to .13 so I didnt have the issue on those.

Hopefully they skip .13 and go straight to .14

Thanks for reacting so quickly!

I have the “no video” problem on my fire cube but my fire stick works fine.

I changed the decoder on my 4k fire stick to software rather than hardware and the video returned.

I reinstalled the app and it is working fine now.

This happened to me yesterday afternoon, I was able to force stop the app, cleared cache and data and video came back without needing to reinstall the app. Thanks for the quick fix!

Firestick 4K no video when using hardware decoder when watching MPEG2 OTA. Was working last night.

I can confirm I've just updated to .14 and this has resolved the MPEG2 issue. Alongside fixing the interlaced h264 issues for anyone else who was waiting for this


Fixed here too.

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