On Later cropped movie images

In the on later section the Movie images are cropped, and you cannot tell what movies they are.

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This has been a thing since the day we shipped DVR. The same thing happens in On Later and anywhere else we have mixed content of shows and movies (which we do very little of because of this).

Gracenote does not have good support for 4:3 images of movies.

Again, this is nothing new, and barely a bug. It's just a limitation that's existed forever.

Not the best for presentation, but Gracenote does have quite good support of 2:3 (poster) images of TV shows. (Perhaps this is why all images in the guide on DirecTV are poster format?)

It does mucky up the on later .. half the movies you cannot tell what they are ... guess we have to live with it.

Maybe separate Movies and shows so they won't be mixed ?

There's an entire expanded Movies section in On Later, where they're presented as posters.

I still don't understand why the 2:3 images cannot be resized to fit a 4:3 with a transparent background.

Browsing any tab of the On Now page other than the Movies tab is painful, as often the only way to see what the movie actually is requires the "long-press + details" action to get the info modal.


I would rather see the On Later screen use the format of the On Now screen instead of the Library screens. The movie graphics are resized to fit and just show blank on the sides. I would also keep the channel icon and subject title bar below the graphic just like the On Now screen, I think it helps. I would move the More selection to a small button to the right on the same line with the subtitle (On Today, On This Week, etc). You probably have a good reason why you chose the Library format, but I think the On Now and On Later are more related.

This has been fixed on both Apple and Android platforms in the latest beta apps.