Original FTV + HomeRunDual (HDHR3-US)



I'm waiting on my Home Run Quatro and I had an old Dual from back in the day. Everything for channels DVR setup perfectly (Windows machine). I launched Channels DVR app on my original (square) Fire TV and everything looks great (Awesome!). My only issue that I'm having is when the FTV plays for a bit (assuming the buffer has filled), the stream "pops" back to the start of when I started watching. Exiting out of the channel and back puts me right back at Live TV.

Is there a setting or something I can do to trouble shoot? Am I SOL with this hardware? Should I look at a different purchase for the device that is at the TV?



Hmm that's not normal. Can you submit diagnostics from the bottom of the Settings tab?

How long after playback does it start over?


Uploaded logs from the about screen. Happens roughly 15-16 minutes into a viewing session


As a point of reference, I tried the HD Homerun App and it runs flawlessly.
Thanks for investigating!


Thanks for the diagnostics. I see the bug- it only affects legacy tuners which is why it's managed to hide for so long. I will fix it for the next release.