OTA Recordings with playback issues

Things with Channels have been going well for a while, but recently my recordings have been having playback issues. On the playback commercial skipping seems to pick up about 50% of the commercials which is usually a positive sign. The issues are lost sections of frames, mostly white partial frames, separation of audio and video tracks, etc. When I check the details of the reception specs from my HDHR it is usually high 80s for signal strength, and 100 for signal and symbol quality. Both the HDHR and Channels beta are up to date. I'm using the Fire app on a Kindle, Fire stick 4k, and Android app on my phone. I use tuner sharing and hybrid video decoder. I've tried other decoder options and software is slightly worse and hardware is audio and no video. Are there any other suggestions or solutions? I don't think there is any way that I'm going to get a better OTA signal.

My fire sticks get wonky after a couple weeks of up time. If you haven't recently, try power cycling them and see if that helps.

I'm still having this issue and it's making my recordings almost unwatchable. Watching things live there is no issue. It is only recorded content. I can watch a show through Channels from the HDHR with no issue, and then when I go back and watch the recording it is a mess. Is there anything that I can do to fix what is causing this? I really don't want to have to go back cable or deal with HDHR's DVR.

If you haven’t already I would recommend submitting diagnostics from the DVR web ui.

I think when you watch live, the data stream goes directly from the tuner to the fire stick, bypassing the DVR. Seems to me could be a network problem between the DVR and the fire stick? What do you get when you measure the connection speed from the fire stick client to the DVR?