[Outage][Resolved]: Gracenote guide data is currently unavailable

Gracenote guide data is currently unavailable.

We're currently investigating the issue and a solution. We'll report more here, or keep an eye on our status site on this incident:


We've identified the problem and are resolving it now. It will include having to download a new version of Channels DVR Server. A pre-release will go out first and will be available when we report that it is.

Once we decide it's ready to go out to everyone, those not using the pre-release will receive the update within a few hours and Channels DVR Server will auto update to the newest version without any action needed.

Most of you won't even notice any disruption as guide data updates happen in the morning and this will hopefully be resolved, and your Channels DVR Server will be automatically updated to the fixed version by then.

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The updated pre-release is now available with the issue resolved:

The issue is now resolved

A new version of Channels DVR Server has been released with guide data issues resolved.

Do nothing and within hours your server will automatically update to the new version. If you need it immediately, visit the Channels DVR Server web admin and click the “Check for Updates” button.


Curious and fyi, why didn't the troubleshooter show gracenote as down?

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Gracenote wasn't down. That wasn't the issue.

Channel logos and artwork appear still impacted on the pre-release

I was working on moving my ADBTuner channels when the outage happened and couldn't get the guide - so I did a "delete and recreate database" - the guide is back now, but no channel logos

So what does this check? Unless it was internal code that went fubar. Glad it was a quick fix.


same here

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NO loGos

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Logos did in fact get impacted. We’re working on it.

Also Impacted .... NO Picture

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Channel logos seem better on newer prerelease

Show artwork still missing

Latest pre-release resolves image issues.

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Latest pre-release being rolled out as stable now.

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Please update to the pre-release and report back if this is still an issue. If it is, you might have to just manually fix the art on that one.

Non cached artwork still missing

All is well over here, not seeing any missing logos, artwork or guide data.