PBS Feeds

I was curious if anyone else is using https://i.mjh.nz/ as a source for PBS feeds?

For some reason the channel number associated with a PBS station keeps changing daily.
Therefore if I favorite a PBS station one day, its ends up being a different station the next day.

I'm not sure if its the Channels DVR software that is renumbering the station or if its something to do with the epg.xml and playlist.m3u8 files.

I used it as a test, but removed it because I was able to get PBS through a TVE option. However, like Pluto, I recommend to just check to ignore channel numbers. Seems to resolve a lot of issues!

Yeah I had already set it as ignore channel numbers from M3U and also to never refresh URL.
It is still changing channel numbers on me. I'm going to try to fully remove the source and re-add.
Maybe that will solve this issue.

I actually have it set to "Prefer Channel Numbers from M3U" and haven't had that issue with channel numbers changing on this PBS source, so maybe try that?

Please submit diagnostics from your dvr

Ha, interesting. Well that is what I initially had it set on so I switched to ignore channel numbers but still had the issue. I guess I need to do some more trial and error.



I used it to get my local PBS stream and made a custom channel with just that info using the OTA guide for it.

Is this working for others? Not for me for a week or so

I noticed a few days ago too that this m3u source of PBS channels stopped working :disappointed_relieved:

I just opened the m3u8 in VLC and everything seems fine:


Not sure if it was temporarily out or what, but seems OK now.

Looks like the m3u changed. I had been using https://i.mjh.nz/PBS/playlist.m3u8, which stopped working. Now I'm using https://i.mjh.nz/PBS/all.m3u8, which appears to be fine.

Thanks again for the non-docker Pluto and Stirr files. An earlier post referred to an m3u for PBS, but it looks like it is for docker use (which I have discontinued for myself). Is there a PBS m3u and xml that is non-docker, like those you've already shared?

You can try the links on @matthuisman's site here: Index of /PBS/

Just be aware that due to the introduction of DRM a few months ago, that PBS source dropped from 200+ channels, down to 9. A real bummer :(. And Iā€™m not sure there ever was a Docker for these, the direct links have always worked just fine.

Could you provide the link for the m3u and xml files for PBS? Thanks

Looks like @HankLloydRight posted it 2 posts above yours? Or am I misunderstanding?

On second thought, perhaps you need the path?


Guess I just missed it! Duh! Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the help.

I just added PBS and I only got 9 channels. Nothing significant. Were you ever able to get the 200 channels back? If so, please let me know how, if you don't mind. Thanks.

The 200 some were removed because they don't work in Channels DVR. Those stations are now using DRM protection in their streams.