Playback failed on live tv

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So i'm running into a bit of an issue. I was reading and decided to take the plunge on the beta software for the auto skip on the commercials for firestick. initially it was wonderful, now however, i'm getting a playback failed on live tv. if i restart the firestick i can get one channel to play, then when i change channels, i get the same error. Help please!! the wife will kill me if i cant get this fixed. i can watch the channels on the server through the app and i've checked my cable cards. Any idea's? oh this is not limited to one stick, its on all of them. but again, only live tv appears to be affected so far...

Do you have tuner sharing enabled? If not it might be worth trying to reboot your HDHR since in that case the connection is directly between the firetv stock and the tuner.

Timer sharing is enabled.

Please submit diagnostics and check to make sure your tuners are free

Diagnostics submitted last night via the submit button. I checked the tuners last night and they appeared free with all software up to date. It seemed to clear up a little but there is a good amount of hesitation when changing channels and when playing sometimes (every 2-5 minutes) there is some buffering on the live playback. Recorded playback appears unaffected.

What is your hdhomerun device id?

I'm not sure what you're referring to here. We don't have betas that run on the fire stick.

What app are you using and what version number is shown on the About tab?

ok...i'm still at work but looked up the model i'm using...i have two cable cards and am using verizon fios with 2 SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME Cable HDTV (3-Tuner) purchased in december of 17. I also have a quattro for over the air backup via plex. The beta i refered to is the main server app. I apologize for the misnomer.

Sorry for the delay in data. The firestick app is :Version 2.1.10

Please send me your HDHR PRIME ID from so I can find the diagnostics you submitted.

I just got the diagnostics you submitted.

It appears that you set your Home Streaming Quality to something other than Original. Please change it back to Original and let me know if that fixes the issue.

Thank you...while i'm still learning, doesn't that affect picture size and quality? i'm playing this on 55 in vizio TV's. I've adjusted the firestick picture out to meet the edges, Just curious how the home streaming affects picture display?

Original mode produces the best quality, since it renders the original picture unaltered.

cool. Thank you for responding so swiftly...operator error on my part...

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