Playback of recording randomly skipping forward

This is on a FireTV 4K, about screen says version 4.0.1.

When playing back a recording (remotely, server is offsite) it is randomly skipping forward 5-10 minutes in the recording. If I try to rewind it jumps back to where it skipped from… in other words, the skipped content is inaccessible. If you stop playback, then play it again and resume from where you left off, it will let you play what was skipped, but then it will just happen again later on, this is happening multiple times in a 30 min recording. It happened with another recording last night but I just assumed the OTA signal went down on that recording. Only upon looking into it further did I realize the whole recording was there in both examples.

I searched and it looks like this has happened to random people over the last 2-3 years but didn’t seem to be reproducible. I cleared the cache per one suggestion but no avail, still did it.

I submitted diagnostics from the app.

Is there anything else I can do with this, logs I can submit?

I have since installed the beta to solve another issue, and the problem still persists in the beta as well.

This has made watching recordings impossible on the FireTV. Last night it was skipping ahead 7 minutes after watching the first 1-2 minutes of a recording.

I edited the original post to move it to the FireTV forum, I had originally posted from my cell and did not put it in a category.

Can you get this to happen again and then submit diagnostics again? Nothing obvious is jumping out at me from the original diagnostics.

I'm trying to reproduce this issue myself and I'll let you know if I can.

Sure, do you want me to do it from the main app or the beta? When it happens, I can rewind and it jumps back the same amount of time back and forth. Would it help going back and forth like that a couple of times before submitting them?

Let's try it in the beta. Actually, if you could exit the player as soon as the skip happens and submit diagnostics that should give me the most useful information.

Just reproduced it. Was 1-2 minutes into the recording and it jumped ahead to the 9 minute mark. Exited out a few seconds later (was at my desk working) and submitted the diagnostics, I chose the 'video player' option for what I was having a problem with.

Huh. I'm not able to see enough here to be able to get to the bottom of it. I'm going to have to spend some work to improve the logging in this area to be able to get more details.

I'll let you know when I'm ready to have you check it out.