Please Fix Advanced Pass case sensitivity


Placed this in the DVR category because I'm not sure how it affects the different Channel clients.
I create all my Advanced Passes using the DVR Web UI.

When searching using "search term" in the DVR Web UI it is NOT CASE SENSITIVE.
In the DVR Web UI, searching for "The Big Bang Theory", or "the big bang theory", you get the same result.

When setting up an Advanced Pass using Title CONTAINS or EQUALS "search term" it IS CASE SENSITIVE.
Create an Advanced Pass using the search term Title CONTAINS or Title EQUALS "the big bang theory", and you get NO RESULTS.


Try the latest pre-release. I made it case-insensitive for == and !=. CONTAINS still requires case-match, but I could be convinced otherwise.


Thanks for that. I can't think of any use case that would require contains field to be case sensitive & that still leaves high risk of missing shows. Please, please change that too.


I agree ... no use case which rises to the level to make it a requirement. However as most casual users will probably utilize CONTAINS vs other operators, and a case sensitive operator (unless on screen specified) is more prone to non match and subsequent is almost imperative to change, imo.


CONTAINS fixed in latest pre-release.




thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU :grin: