Pluto for Channels

Since yesterday I am getting 0 channels for Pluto. Was the .m3u taken down? If so, does anybody have another source for the .m3u?

Arw u running it through docker? Mine is working.

Sounds like the old techyzon m3u that lots of folks were sharing — despite being warned that it would have problems and wouldn’t always be available — is having problems.

Set it up properly on your own with the Pluto for Channels Docker container, and it’ll work fine.

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New user here.....

Got Pluto up and running. What a great add-on service. I wish I knew about Channels earlier (moving over from Tivo)

My Pluto guide does not show individual shows. Just the channel. I can watch channels fine. I have updated the Guide a couple of times.

I am sure I am missing something obvious....any ideas?

Solved it.....left off 8080 port on epg location.

Again, what a great addition to Channels.

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Welcome from all the former TiVO users! I just sold the last of my TiVO DVR hardware a few weeks ago after going through the transition, too.

Once you see everything you can do with Channels like the Pluto and Stirr integrations, mixing sources, creating a Collection to order your channels, local content, Stream Links to EVERY SERVICE... there really is no comparison. The things that are lost from dropping TiVO are so minor when looking at what is gained.

Also, when you have an issue or suggestion, the Devs here look at it and make updates regularly, sometimes within hours. There will be occasions where they'll protest a little bit, but they come around pretty quickly! It's basically a 3-man shop plus some specialty contractors yet has done more in the past 6 months than I saw TiVO do in 6 years.


Thanks for the welcome. I agree.....glad to move on from Tivo. I am now setup with TVE and Pluto. Very impressed with everything.

Still learning what else Channels can do.

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Browse through our docs to see what’s capable.

Our App

Our server


Great resources....will be giving Play On a try next..

Probably not the right place to ask and I did read some earlier posts.....what is the latest on a utility run on the saved files to remove commercials? Is this possible?

Wondering if anyone else is having comskip issues in Pluto programming that I'm having?

The last 2 days comskip cannot locate commercials anymore.
Finds START and END but fails or recognize anything in between.

Thank you Fofer. I was doing that but had the .m3u and .epg settings to techyzon.

For some reason, I have tried restarting the docker container but the EPG data isn’t there on channels?

What is logged on the DVR web ui log when it tries to log the Pluto xml?

For Docker on Windows do I use the " WSL 2 backend " or the " Hyper-V backend and Windows containers " backend?

WSL2 - the other is a windows container pipeline which has little development


Mine has lost all XML/Guide data. Server is running fine.

Mine has been working fine since I setup the scheduled tasks to keep it on track.

What does your Pluto for Channels Docker Container log show?

I am having the same issue I think. Synology docker. The log says mv: can’t rename ‘playlist.m3u” : No such file or directory
Same for the epg. This worked at some time in the past, so I or the system changed something. I checked permissions, etc. I also tried setting up tasks to stop and start as root. It still errors.

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The only time I've seen that error was when my Internet connection was down while Pluto for Channels was trying to grab an update.
If you click on the EPG link on your Pluto for Channels web page
Screenshot 2021-07-31 at 11-31-45 Pluto for Channels
and look at the XML guide data you can tell how "fresh" it is.
Mine last fetched about 30 minutes ago and the first guide entry shows
programme start="20210731101500 -0700" (10:15am this morning)

   <channel id="watchfree-movie-binge">
      <display-name>WatchFree Movie Binge</display-name>
      <desc>Your go-to channel for top free movies. New movies added monthly, from edge-of-your-seat action, date night rom-coms, to laugh-out-loud comedies. Binge them all before they’re gone.</desc>
      <icon src=""/>
   <programme start="20210731101500 -0700" stop="20210731120000 -0700" channel="watchfree-movie-binge">

I do get the Pluto for channels page but clicking on playlist or epg goes to 404 not found…. Internet is fine, and I resurrected a qnap and it gets the details fine, but not sustainable, qnap is crappy. I have 2 synology, the 2 bay is working but not for Pluto as described. had a syn 918+ die on me yesterday, but got another one coming.